Your question: Can I buy a Woolworths franchise?

Can Woolworths Be Franchised?

Although Woolworths stopped franchising its stores in 2010, it’s still possible to purchase and run your own Spar or Pick n Pay. Purchasing a Pick n Pay or Spar supermarket franchise is not a small investment, and running it is a complex task that will require intensive training.

Can you buy a Woolworths franchise in South Africa?

“However, after an extensive strategic review of the franchise business, we have come to the conclusion that it is no longer in the best interests of Woolworths for us to operate a local, franchise business and we will stop franchise operations in South Africa.”

How much does it cost to build a Woolworths?

The project, which will be completed in around four years’ time, will cost Woolworths more than $700 million. Once the new distribution centres are built, existing sites at Minchinbury and Yennora in Sydney and Mulgrave in Melbourne will be closed by 2025.

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How do I open a Pick n Pay franchise?

Pick ‘n Pay Franchise for Sale Retail From: R3500000

  1. Total Investment: R13 100 000.
  2. Upfront Fee: 10%;
  3. Minimum Own Contribution: 30% of Total Investment.
  4. Other financial details are available on application.

Which is the cheapest franchise to buy in South Africa?

8 South African franchises you can open for less than R1 million

  • Debonairs – from R900,500.
  • Wilcote – from R520,000.
  • 3@1 Business Centre – from R695,000 (ex VAT)
  • Zebro’s – from R949,000.
  • H20 International – from R325,000 (excluding VAT)
  • The Bed Shop – from R500,000.
  • Sorbet – from R1 million.

How much is KFC franchise in South Africa?

Prospective franchisees need to show that they have the required funds to fund up to 5 or more kfc stores. One store costs in the region of R5. 5 million.

What is the cheapest franchise to buy?

12 best low-cost franchises for aspiring business owners

  1. Cruise Planners. Franchise fee: $10,995. …
  2. Fit4Mom. Franchise fee: $5,495 to $10,495. …
  3. Chem-Dry. Franchise fee: $23,500. …
  4. Jazzercise. Franchise fee: $1,250. …
  5. Stratus Building Solutions. …
  6. SuperGlass Windshield Repair. …
  7. Mosquito Squad. …
  8. Pillar to Post Home Inspectors.

What business can I start with r100 000 in South Africa?

Six Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Under R10,000

  • Packing & unpacking service. Moving house is one of life’s nastier tasks. …
  • Adventure tours. South Africa is a prime tourist destination, and adventure-seekers are hungry for new thrills. …
  • Cover letter/resumé service. …
  • Mobile mechanic. …
  • Mobile dog grooming. …
  • Power washing.

What is the best franchise to buy in South Africa?

Top 10 fast food franchises in South Africa

  • McDonald’s.
  • Burger King.
  • KFC.
  • Nandos.
  • Fish and Chips Co.
  • Wimpy.
  • Debonairs.
  • Capitan DoRegos.
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How long does it take to build a Woolworths?

The average time taken for Woolworths to develop and open a new supermarket, BIG W store or Dan Murphy’s liquor outlet is considerable – taking on average more than two years or 26 months (from the time the land is originally acquired to the time of the store opening to trade).

Is Woolworths a wholesaler?

Coles and Woolworths have long downplayed their roles as wholesalers to the independent grocery retail and liquor sector.

How much does it cost to open a Nandos franchise?

The estimated investment required to open a Nando’s Chickenland (West) Ltd Franchise is between $550,000-$650,000. There is an initial franchise fee of $35,000 which grants you the license to run a business under the Nando’s Chickenland (West) Ltd name.

How much does it cost to buy boxer franchise?

Mike Coppin and Dave Hogg head up the franchise and new opportunities division within Food Lover’s Market. Set up costs range from R325,000–R625,000 (excluding VAT) depending on the type of franchise, location and the quality of the source of the water to be bottled.

What does a KFC franchise cost?

But opening a KFC restaurant requires a lot of money at the start. The company requires operators to have at least $1.5 million in total net worth and $750,000 in liquid assets. KFC also charges its operators a $45,000 franchise fee, according to Franchise Direct.

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