How much does it cost to register a business name in Oklahoma?

To do so in Oklahoma, you must register your trade name with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. To register, file a Trade Name Report with the Secretary of State online or by mail. The filing fee is $25.

How do I register a business name in Oklahoma?

Registering a Business Name

In Oklahoma, once the name of a business has been decided, the owner(s) can seek to register it for exclusive use in the state. To do this, the person(s) involved should contact the office of Oklahoma’s Secretary of State (SOS) and complete a Trade Name Report.

How much does it cost to start a business in Oklahoma?

The cost to start an Oklahoma limited liability company (LLC) is $100. This fee is paid to the Oklahoma Secretary of State when filing the LLC’s Articles of Organization. Use our free Form an LLC in Oklahoma guide to do it yourself.

How much is a DBA in Oklahoma?

File the DBA (trade name). Whenever you use a business name that isn’t your legal name, you must register it with the Secretary of State. You’ll need to file the Trade Name Report with the Secretary of State Forms Library and submit it to the Secretary of State. The filing fee is about $25.

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How much does it cost to LLC A name?

The cost can be as little as $10 or up to $50. Reserving an LLC name is purely optional. You don’t have to reserve a name before you file your articles of organization.

How do I protect my business name in Oklahoma?

To file your trade name you must fill out a Trade Name Report from the Secretary of State Forms Library and mail it to the Secretary of State at the address listed in the application. The filing fee is $25. Your business may need to obtain business licenses or professional licenses depending on its business activities.

What is a good business to start in Oklahoma?

List of Top Business Ideas & Opportunities For Oklahoma

  • Start A Blog. There are several bloggers who earn a full-time income out of writing. …
  • E-Commerce Business (Amazon, eBay) …
  • Digital Marketing Agency. …
  • Social Media Marketing Services. …
  • Dairy Farming. …
  • Web Designing Services. …
  • Graphic Designing Services.

Is Oklahoma a good place to start a business?

WalletHub picked OKC as the best ‘large city’ to start a business, according to a new study. The report looked at 180 cities across the U.S. and ranked them according to 19 metrics like “business environment” and cost.

How much does an LLC cost in Oklahoma?

How much does it cost to form an LLC in Oklahoma? The Oklahoma Secretary of State charges a $100 fee to file the Articles of Organization. You can reserve your business name by filing an LLC name reservation for $10. Oklahoma LLCs are also required to file an Annual Certificate each year, the fee for which is $25.

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How long is an LLC good for in Oklahoma?

File Your Oklahoma LLC Annual Certificate

Late Filings: Oklahoma does not charge late fees if you miss your filing deadline. After 60 days, Oklahoma will revoke your “good standing”. Oklahoma may dissolve or revoke your LLC after 3 years for failure to file an annual certificate.

Do you have to register a DBA in Oklahoma?

A business is not required to register a DBA in Oklahoma. However, doing so will secure the business’ exclusive right to use a name within the state.

What’s the difference between DBA and LLC?

When considering the difference between DBA and LLC, a limited liability company, or “LLC,” is a legal body that is separate and distinct from its owners. A “DBA,” or “doing business as,” is merely a name owners use to conduct their business and has no legal force.

Where do I file a DBA in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, you register your DBA with the secretary of state. You can file online at the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website, or you can complete the trade name report form.

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