How easy is it to start a business in Italy?

You need to have the legal right to live and work in Italy and you will generally need to have a residence permit before you can operate a business in Italy. If you are from a country outside of the EU you will also need a licence before you start operations.

Can foreigners start a business in Italy?

Can I open a business in Italy? In principle, a foreign person who is not a resident of Italy or the European Union can only set up a company in Italy if an Italian citizen can set up a company in the non-EU country where that foreign citizen comes from.

Is it difficult to start a business in Italy?

Red tape and funding obstacles

The amount of bureaucracy is such that it’s a wonder Italians have any enthusiasm at all for starting their own companies. … The funding process is very difficult, whether you are trying to secure a grant, or raise capital.

How much do I need to start a business in Italy?

The minimum paid-up capital required is €10,000. This type of company is meant to stimulate young entrepreneurs. The minimum share capital is €1, and the maximum is € 9,999.99. If you’re launching a SrLs, you can count on a shorter bureaucratic process and a lack of notary fees.

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How do I start a small business in Italy?

Your to-do list for starting a business in Italy

  1. Draft the company’s memorandum;
  2. Register your company and its bylaws before a notary public;
  3. Deposit the required documents with the Register of Enterprises in Italy;
  4. Buy corporate and accounting books (as specified by the Article 2478 of the Italian Civil Code).

What is a good business to start in Italy?

20 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Italy 2021

  • Meditation Classes’ Business. …
  • Manufacturing of Wine Business. …
  • Render Virtual Assistant Services. …
  • Business of Repairing of Gadgets. …
  • Manufacturing of Perfumes’ Business. …
  • Becoming a Tourism Instructor. …
  • Cigar club. …
  • Coaching/ Teaching.

What documents do you need to open a business in Italy?

The company incorporation formalities include the following:

  • arrange articles of association and memorandum of association.
  • execute articles of association before a public notary.
  • obtain an Italian tax code.
  • open a local bank account.
  • register for VAT.
  • file with the Registrar of Companies.

Why is it hard to do business in Italy?

Italian economy remains burdened by political interference, bureaucracy, corruption, high levels of taxation, a rigid labor market, an ineffective judicial system, a complex regulatory framework and the high cost of conducting business.

Can I open a company in Italy?

Foreign investors wanting to expand a business in Italy may do so in one of the following forms: Forming a company in Italy is a 7-stage process. … Public deeds of incorporation and company bylaws must be executed before a notary public and registration tax must be paid.

What should I invest in Italy?

10 reasons to invest in Italy

  • One of the world’s top economies and markets. …
  • A strategic logistics hub connecting global markets. …
  • A key global player in manufacturing and export. …
  • A highly-competitive machinery sector and a strong ‘Made in Italy’ brand. …
  • Excellence in R&D and innovation. …
  • A skilled and competitive workforce.
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What online business can I start?

16 online business ideas you can start with a laptop

  • Start your own clothing line.
  • Launch a dropshipping store.
  • Sell your art online.
  • Become a freelance writer, designer or developer.
  • Teach an online course.
  • Flip your thrift store finds.
  • Publish your own book.
  • Start a blog.
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