Your question: How do you tell someone they are none of their business in a nice way?

What can you say instead of none of your business?

One way to avoid answering a question is to respond with “I’d rather not say.” You might also say: “That’s no concern of yours” or “That should not concern you.” (This is polite and yet firm, unlike “I’d rather not say,” which is somewhat weak and wishy-washy.)

How do you say none of your business in a rude way?

–That’s none of your business! = Mind your own business! = Never you mind! = Fxxk/back off!

Is it rude to say it’s none of your business?

4 Answers. It is rude, and even more so if you say the whole sentence and add an adjective like “goddamn” or an “f-word”: “It’s none of your goddamn business.” However, if the shop assistant is filling a form, it would be appropriate to say: “Omit that item, please.” “I prefer not to share that information.”

Is saying mind your own business rude?

A similar expression is “mind your own business,” and this is something you can say directly to the person who is being rude and enquiring about your private and personal matters. … Now these two phrases: it’s none of your business and mind your own business are slightly rude when said directly to the person.

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What is a nice way to tell someone to mind their own business?

Originally Answered: What is a polite way to tell someone to mind their own business? {Look of surprise} “Whatever has you thinking I’d be willing to talk about that with you/a stranger/anyone” and move on. {With a laugh} “Oh, so not your business!” and change the subject.

Is it rude to ask why do you ask?

The question “Why do you ask?” is not rude. It can be an important question to understand the thoughts of kids and to change the direction of a conversation if someone has asked inappropriate details or tries to bully someone.

How do you professionally tell someone to mind their own business?

Compliment the person or say something nice to soften the reaction (she is trying to help you, after all). Be honest and tell her in a kind yet direct way that you don’t need her input. State the action that is the next step so it’s clear you don’t need advice. Redirect the conversation.

What do people do when rude?

Rudeness, say that you understand and sympathize, and then try to change the subject. Discussing his behavior with other people might make matters worse and blow the situation out of proportion. Avoid the rude person. Sometimes it’s best to just walk away.

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