Should I start a kombucha business?

Not only has it greatly picked up in terms of market share over the years, it also has great potential regarding what’s to come. For instance, it is estimated that by 2026, the market size of kombucha business will hit $6.2 billion dollars.

Is selling kombucha profitable?

If one has the necessary capital and equipment, and is patient enough to follow the TTB regulations, selling Kombucha at farmers’ markets can be a very profitable business. The beverage is usually in high demand and therefore attracts dozens of customers.

How much does it cost to start a kombucha business?

Starting at a basic $9,000 bare bones to a 6 BBL semi-automatic Kombucha Brew House typically runs $20,000 and a 9 BBL automatic (labor saving) Kombucha Brew House for about $49,000. Training, setup and Turn-Key operation is also available.

Fermented foods – All fermented foods, including kombucha and kimchi, must be produced in a licensed kitchen. … Fermented Food- Naturally fermented canned foods– sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha- require a license to be sold.

Is kombucha expensive to make?

Fortunately, it’s simple to make your own kombucha at home — though it does take about a week to ferment. That will bring the cost down to roughly 50 cents per 16-ounce serving. Much like making the switch from store-bought coffee to brewing your own at home, heavy drinkers will see some serious money savings.

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How much does a bottle of kombucha cost?

Depending on the kombucha brand, it can cost anywhere from $3 to $5+ a bottle. This is for one 16 ounce bottle and is the price at the time of writing this article.

Why is kombucha illegal?

Everyone’s favorite tangy, fermented tea, kombucha, is just trying to catch a break. … In 2010, some kombucha brands tested between 0.5 and 2.5 percent ABV, making it illegal to sell the beverage to minors. As a result, Whole Foods pulled their stock of the fermented tea.

Is there an age limit for kombucha?

Some brands of kombucha are classified as alcohol, when they contain 0.5% or more alcohol by volume. You must be 21 or older to legally purchase or consume beverages with that alcohol content level. The majority of kombucha on the market are under 0.5% ABV and are non-alcoholic.

What is the most expensive kombucha?

Most Expensive Kombucha

Wine Name Region Avg Price
Dr Hops Rose Hard Kombucha, California, USA California $14
Luna Bay Booch Co. Huckleberry Basil Hard Kombucha, Illinois, USA Illinois $14
Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha – Tropical Turmeric, Arizona, USA Arizona $11
Juneshine Rose Kombucha, California, USA California $10

What time should I drink kombucha?

Kombucha is rich in probiotics and helps balance the bacteria in your belly and cleans the liver. The best time to drink Kombucha is midday to help with digestion and to keep energy soaring. First thing in the morning could be harsh on the gut.

Do you have to keep hard kombucha cold?

Kombucha needs to be refrigerated at all times, even when the bottle is unopened. … Kombucha will stay fresh “as long as you keep it refrigerated,” notes Lovett. “True live raw kombucha should never be left out of refrigeration, once [bottling is finished], as it will rapidly change in flavor and functionality.”

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