Quick Answer: How do I send my business card electronically?

How do I share my digital business cards?

Text Messaging

Choose Text Message to share your digital business card through a text message. From the Dashboard screen, simply tap the Text Message button. Next, select the card you wish to share. Finally, enter the recipient’s first and last name, their phone number and tap Send.

How do I send a business card via SMS?

Texting Your Business Card in 4 Steps

  1. Get Text Enabled. Before you begin, you’ll need to get set up with a business texting platform. …
  2. Create Your Business Card. Now it’s time to design your business card. …
  3. Create a . vcf File (Optional) …
  4. Attach Your File(s) Now that you have your card or . …
  5. Customize Your Message.

How do I send business cards from my phone?

Open the card you want to share and tap the Nearby icon. Your recipient also opens a card he or she wants to share with you and taps the Nearby icon. When you each appear on the other’s phone, tap the name. Then tap the request to acknowledge it.

How do I send a business card on Android?

To get started you need to tap on the Contacts Icon and proceed with the selection of the contact whose details you would like to share with someone. Once you are in the individual’s contact page you need to tap on the Settings option followed by tapping on the ‘Send Name Card’ option.

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Are digital business cards worth it?

Digital Business Cards are cost-effective, it’ll help you to save your money that you would have to spend on the paper business cards. You can change your demographics smartly, let’s say you need to change your email address, then if you’re using paper cards then you need to reprint your cards.

How do I send electronic business cards from my Iphone?

1. Send Via vCards

  1. Open Contacts. Select Share Contact at the bottom of your info card, as seen below. …
  2. A vCard file is created. …
  3. The recipient of your “card” can open and add your contact information to their address book. …
  4. When you receive a vCard from a contact, tap the vCard attachment and then tap New Contact.

How do I make a vCard on my Android phone?

Share Contact on Android Phone Using vCard (Samsung Phones)

  1. Open the Contacts App on your Android Phone.
  2. Once you are in the Contacts App, tap on the More option located at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. From the Menu that appears tap on the Share option.

How do I send a vCard via SMS?

Android – How to send/read vCard via SMS/MMS?

  1. User selects some specific contact.
  2. App generates a vCard for it.
  3. User types a number to send vCard to.
  4. App sends SMS with that vCard(?)
  5. Addressee recievs SMS with vCard and asked to browse contact/add to contacts(?)
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