How can I start stock fish business in Nigeria?

Is stock fish business profitable?

Stockfish business is very lucrative just like crayfish and Prawn business. Many people use stockfish to prepare soup and some still go ahead to use them for pottage. In fact the number of people who prefer stockfish to meat is increasing daily because to them stockfish does not contain fat.

Where can I buy stockfish in Nigeria?

Nigeria Stockfish Dealers and Suppliers

  • 1EloGod Multibiz Ventures Nig. ( EMV) …
  • 2Akuezumkpa Int’l Resources. SF.17 no 4 Eziukwu market, Aba, Abia. …
  • 3Ekene Ventures Ltd. 149 Kirikiri rd, Olodi Apapa, Lagos. …
  • 4FoodHub Africa. …
  • 5Franceo Investment Limited. …
  • 6Nolly Fysh Limited. …
  • 7Stockfish Warehouse. …
  • 8Success Adventures Limited.

Is stock fish made in Nigeria?

They noted that Stock fish (COD) cannot be farmed in Nigeria and in Nigerian waters, saying “Stock fish and Stock fish Head importation has not negatively affected the increase in local production of fish in Nigeria because the volume imported is relatively low.

Is Rice a contraband in Nigeria?

Is Rice Contraband in Nigeria? The Nigerian government did not outrightly ban the importation of rice, instead, they placed restrictions on its importation so that they can boost its local production. In Nigeria, there is no ban on rice importation, instead, there is some control.

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How do I import fish into Nigeria?

To import fish, like marine fish for profit, you should apply for a permit. You can get this from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. An import permit is legitimate for six months from the date of issue. Failure to adhere to permit conditions may result in the suspension or cancelation of the permit.

Is AlphaZero better than stockfish?

AlphaZero also bested Stockfish in a series of time-odds matches, soundly beating the traditional engine even at time odds of 10 to one. In additional matches, the new AlphaZero beat the “latest development version” of Stockfish, with virtually identical results as the match vs Stockfish 8, according to DeepMind.

What is the English name for stock fish?

The cod is dried on vast open-air timber racks, which we call “stocks” – hence the name “stockfish”.

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