You’re responsible for what will happen to you tomorrow


We’re in a society where things are becoming more and more difficult. The state of things seems to be way out of hand in most cases. As a result, people complain about several things. The blame game is now the number one excuse route for most of us.

  • We complain about the food we eat
  • We complain about the leaders we have
  • We complain about our friends
  • We complain about our job
  • We complain about our school

Complain, upon complain. But we’re not complaining about our own self.

Wait a minute and ask yourself, what am I doing to change me so my tomorrow will be different? Well complaining or the blame game in reality doesn’t change anything. Rather, it makes you miserable and more frustrated.

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You have a responsibility and that is to be in charge of your actions. Instead of complaining, focus on your actions, because it’s what you do today that shape your tomorrow.

Case and point, I met this young man who was in his first year in the university at that time. And was about to quit the university and to pursue what he love to do. It was not a wise decision, considering the thing he wanted to pursue was out of the university system (and living the university was a bad idea). I did not meet him until about seven years later. He was much happy and doing what he love doing.

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Friends, instead of complaining, develop yourself and do what you love doing. You’re here because you have your part to play in the action film (life).

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