Your education is the beginning of success not the end

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Go to school and after your tertiary education, success will follow. That has been the advice most parents passed to their children. Today we’re a country producing many graduates from the universities, polytechnics and the federal colleges of education.

That is to say today we should have more successful people, than twenty or ten years ago. But that is not the case. More and more graduates are produced and only a few are considered productive or considered relevant in the society.

One striking thing I have noticed among young graduates is, on the verge of finishing their NYSC, many become more and more confused. Because they’re moving into a phase with uncertainty and full of many challenges. It is at this phase that many will come to terms that white collar job is just an illusion.

The tide has changed, change too

I remember visiting a medical doctor who has been working for the past fifteen years. This doctor was a consultant gynecologist and earns a good pay at the end of the month. During my visit, his house was undergoing renovation. The doctor was pretty busy, with the mason and the carpenter trying to show and explain details about the work and how far they have gone.

After, he picked me in his car and we were heading to his clinic for an emergency call he had to attain to. The doctor turned, looked at me and said, I claim to be educated, but it’s the people without any formal education that are collecting the bulk of the money we earn each month.

 I was shocked and surprise to hear such word coming out from him. I then ask why? All the people working in my house are all illiterate, they keep getting my money always, the doctor added.

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What a surprise? That’s true with virtually all aspect of our life. You go to the market, you hardly see an educated person selling something and yet the educated person that thinks he or she is wise, keeps giving them their money always.

Yes, education is good, but it’s not enough to guarantee your success in all aspect of life. We’re in a period where your talent (what you’re born to do) that counts.

This is the new storm, the old one is gone, why waste time? Look, to be really relevant, you need to awaken the sleeping giant (talent).

Recently I realize that the world is dictated by the people without school education or were school dropouts. Remember things like the computer, software’s, camera, television, mobile phone or even the profitable organizations and businesses are mostly inventions or ideas by either school drop outs or those without attending any school.

 Yet it’s the educated people, the people that think they the brightest and the smartest that are using them the most. I believe we’re gradually going into a phase where your certificate will not matter that much, but what will matter is your ability to add value and that will come when you’re using your talent.

The time for skills

The time for skills has come. That is the ability to use your talent have come and with your certificate, you have an edge. A graduate will tell you it’s not for me or am too big.

Wait for the skills gives you value and your value determines your price. Simply because you’re providing a solution to a problem and that makes you valuable and relevant. No one, whether big or small will undervalue you or take advantage of you in any way.

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What skills do I learn?

There are many skills you can acquire around. First of all, before choosing any skills, you’ll need to identify your natural abilities and passion. What you love doing whether in good times or bad times with little efforts and yet you produce something that adds value, that is an important step. It may be writing, painting, sewing and so on.

If you can’t locate your natural abilities, then try your passion. Look around, to fine something you have strong belief or feeling about it, which will be where your passion (passion) lies. Then look for skills related to your passion and start learning it.

The learning process might take your time as some learning can take you one-month others three years and might not be an easy ride. Just be patient while learning and it might not be an easy ride all the way, but know that you’re learning something that will benefit you with time.

Keep refining

After acquiring the skills, learning doesn’t end there. Just know that you’re probably not the only one with that skill. To make you relevant and valuable, you need to keep reining your gift over and over to make it look unique and fresh always. This will keep you ahead of the competition and you’ll dominate.

When it’s only an education you have, the chances of success is slim. Always know that we go to school to learn, but real education begins after school. Develop your skills and be relevant in our world today.

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