Why Nigerian graduates are jobless and what to do about it


It’s a usual routine in Nigeria, that after four, five or six years in higher institution of learning, you go for national youth service corps (NYSC)-the NYSC scheme that last for one year.

During this one year, so many NYSC pupils, also called Corpers are move to various locations to serve the nation in various capacities.

After the one year, the popular saying that corpers are going into the favour market becomes the beginning of hard times and frustration for many.

But there are reasons why things are not the way it should be. One thing you need to know is the Nigeria of 1970 is different from the Nigeria of today.

Even though some may argue and blame the leadership style which might be a factor, but actually, the blaming is what is keeping us from moving ahead.

Here are some of the things I think is the problem and possible solution.

Lack of influence

Today in Nigeria, we have lots of graduate in various fields, mostly with no specialization. Today because most sector are saturated and with more and more graduates coming out every month, the competition is increasing and the chances for a white collar job (if there is any) is decreasing by the day.

So the limited chances are often reserve for the people who know Mr. A or Mr. B. but what happen to majority who don’t have any? The solution is simple, to specialize.

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Specialization is the key to influence. And I believe that’s what the country is looking for at this moment. For instance a medical doctor will decide to specialize in ophthalmology (study of the eye and the disease that affect them).

That specialization gives the doctor an edge over the one with no specialization. The doctor without specialization may have the knowledge, but when they’re looking for a doctor concerning an eye treatment, the one with specialization comes first.


When you specialize, you’re focus and you’ll become an authority in your chosen field. When these happen, people will look for you, because you’re now influential and when that happens, it’s all in your hands to decide your prize, because you have what they’re looking for.

That’s the power of influence; it makes you relevant in the society.

Time has change and you have not

Time has change and yet people have not. Education of the 21st century is to give us an edge, but doesn’t guarantee success. The truth is our school system keeps training us to acquire job and nothing more (am not against school) and the jobs are not there.

We’re in a period and time of opportunities and all you need is the information that will take you to the top. Use your education to make you smarter and wiser. In other words, you need more than a school certificate to succeed.

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So in other to compete and be relevant, you need to change your thinking and that’s the best place to start. Develop yourself with relevant information and the sky will be the beginning.

No skills to show

Everybody have certificate and boost he/she is a graduate, but don’t have any skills to show. In these Nigeria, things are changing fast and the government cannot do without private sector.

These is saying that the government are gradually going to a stage where it’s what you can do that matters, and what you have on paper become somewhat irrelevant.

Today there are several skills you can learn in one day, one week or in months. All you need is to remove the crowd of graduate and learn something worthwhile, which will help later.

In a nutshell, I believe the future of Nigeria will be in the hands of people who have influence, who are thing in the present and who have the skills to move things to the next level, because ultimately, they’re the ones that the country will have to work with them whether they like it or not.

So if you don’t have anything to show, it’s not late, you can start from now. Just do it and you’ll definitely not be left out.

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