Why are you running away from things?

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A student was once asked what he the day he fear the most as a student, his reply was the day results are pasted. I normally panic and wish such day will not will not come, but can’t help but to face it, he added. Running away from things that you know you have to face it isn’t the best option for you and for me. Anything you’re afraid of, takes control of you.

The question then becomes, why run away from things that you know time will come that you’ll no longer run away from it? In my opinion, most of the things we run and run away from are what shapes our life’s for good. Below are some of the lists of things:

  • Running away from people
  • Fear of not leaving the box
  • the fear of not trusting others
  • the fear of not believing in yourself
  • The fear of the future.

Running away from people

No man is an island. Running away from people will definitely make you to miss the people that might connect you and to make your dreams come through. Of cause you can’t associate with everyone, but with people that will shape you directly or indirectly. Choose wisely. When next you want to run away from people, you may want to reconsider.

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Fear of not leaving the box

A lot of people believe their comfort zone is the best place to stay. Staying in the comfort zone, kills your talent, passion and makes you to settle for less. People in their comfort zone are afraid of trying new things, because their believe system tells them playing safe is a good way to get things done. That is, they don’t believe in taking calculated risk.

The fear of not trusting others

When I was reading about one of the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, he was (at the time am writing) was worth $60 billion. With invested in over 200 companies. That kept me thinking how he manages his investment. I realize, he has to trust others to control and manage his investments on his behalf. What a risk you may say.

But that is not just about Carlos Slim. You too will get to a stage where the only option you have, is to trust others for certain things. Because you can’t be in two places at the same time. Learn to trust others and believe that person is someone that can do the job for you.

Fear of not believing in yourself

I can’t do it or it’s not my type of work, so I can’t. When will you stop that? It might interest you to know that, most of the inventions where at one point seem impossible and yet today, it’s a reality. Remove the”I can’t do it mentality and replace it with the I can do it mentality”. Like what Nike will say, “Just do it”. Do it and you’ll be counted.

Fear of the future

Why waste your time disturbing and afraid about what will happen tomorrow, next tomorrow or ten years from now? You have a duty to accomplish on a daily basis and it’s what you do today that help shape your future for good. In other words, it’s the little positive things that you do today that help and shape your tomorrow for good. Just spend every day like your last.

Doing what you have to do today is what makes the future bright, don’t waste your today thinking about tomorrow.

Why are you still running? Well they say when the walk gets tough, only the tough gets going. The question then should be, are you among the tough? Let’s know your view.

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