When Disaster Strikes – 7 Steps to Being Prepared


None of us wants to think about a disaster striking our business. However, every business large or small, needs a business continuity plan to help recover quickly and efficiently from disasters that may occur.

Businesses need a detailed plan for continuing to operate in the event of a disaster such as a fire, an extended utility outage, catastrophic equipment failures, severe weather, terrorist attack, active shooter or any other dire situation. A contingency plan or business continuity plan includes an emergency plan with detailed execution steps and responsibilities identified.

Critical factors must be identified and action plans developed before an emergency situation occurs. Unfortunately, it is too late once the event has happened! Most businesses today have only very rudimentary emergency plans for evacuations, etc. but do not have the necessary business recovery plans in place.

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Having such a plan could not only save your business, it could make you the supplier of choice for certain customers since they know you have plans in place to meet their needs in the event of a disaster.

The 7 Fundamental Considerations are:

1. Identify potential disasters that could affect your operations.

2. Identify the Key people and their responsibilities in assessment and recovery phases

3. Know the business systems that must be recovered and how they will recovered

4. Establish communications processes internally and externally.

5. Specify how you will continue to operate or get back in operations

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6. Know what will be done to provide customer support during this time

7. Create checklists and detailed execution plans

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