What type of life are you living?

what type of life

For sometimes now, I have been staying in a neighborhood where virtually everyone is a middle class person and pretty tolerate each other. The atmosphere in that environment is always wonderful and ideal for me.

One fateful sonny Sunday, our immediate neighbor told me that he was relocating because he has sold his own house. I was surprise, but he was bold enough to tell me the reason that prompted him to sell house.

The new person that bought the house started work of renovation immediately. He renovated the house within three weeks and it was totally different from all other house in the neighborhood. Then the neighbor moved in.

The new neighbor was pretty different from the other ones I’ve seen in the pass. He was rich, had the best car and a unique house in the neighborhood. But he was not a friendly person. He doesn’t care about his neighbor, nor return their salutation. He even brought in a private security man to make sure no one is seen around his house.

He was not married and was always indoors. He was having a lifestyle that was pretty odd in the neighborhood. He was always with one woman or the other.

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He was changing them like they were cloth. He even hired some young men to scout for ladies with him. He once made a statement that he doesn’t need a wife and can’t raise kid, as he said it’s a waste of time. He was in that lifestyle for almost three years. And one morning, he was found dead in his apartment.


What a wasteful life

Today, in our society, it’s becoming increasingly normal and way of life when people encourage you to do the wrong things instead of doing the right one.

  • It’s increasingly normal for a lady to dress half naked and work down the street.
  • It’s now a trend to give birth to ladies out of wedlock
  • It’s increasingly normal for boy to love boy and lady to love lady.
  • It’s increasingly normal for parent to use their daughter as bait to make money by allowing her to marry the person she does not love.
  • It’s increasingly becoming normal that using public funds is the best way to riches.
  • It’s increasingly normal to do politics without principle.
  • It’s increasingly normal to cheat in examinations (exam malpractice).
  • It’s increasingly normal to ask for bribe before your request can be granted.
  • It’s increasingly normal to stay on drugs and alcohols.
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It goes on and on. People say we’re in a free world and you can do anything you like. But do you know that not everything is profitable? There are things you do today that will end your time within seconds. One wonders where the norms and moral values in our society are today. More and more unfortunate meaningless lifestyle in our society today.

You have one life to life and a brief one. That is life has no duplicate and it’s mend to be used for something important. Discover your purpose and fulfill it. No one has the ticket for misbehaving. Use your life for something productive.

What type of life are you living?

Well ask yourself. Because at the end, the decision is still going to be yours.

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