What is blogging: how to get and make money blogging for newbies?

businesseeThere are several people online blogging about one or more subject. Lot’s start blogging without even knowing what blogging is.

some join blogging because they’ve read that it’s the easiest way to make money online. But what is really blogging? Read below to know the answer.

What is a blog?

A blog is a place where you share your thoughts or expertise about a particular subject which can either be politics, business, arts and so on.

Most often, a blog do have pages like that of a website but are always not static. In other words, a blog is updated regularly with articles, tips, reviews and how-to information and can be daily, weekly or monthly.

But most often, people will visit your blog when he knows you have new information on your blog.


How to get a blog

There are two ways to get a blog that I know of:

Free blogs

There are places you can start a blog for free. These sites allow you to create and host your blog pages on their website server.

Some of the places to do that include blogger.com and wordpress.com. This free blog creation sites can make your money if you create a blog with a high demand niche.

The only drawback here is when these sites are tired of your blog; they will delete it without informing you about it.

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So you might loose your content, traffic in one single day. This happens because you have little or no control over your blog.


Paid blog

On the other hand, a paid blog is when you buy a domain name and hosting. This can be for a minimum of one year and above.

At least, you know that you have one year to renew and continue blogging or not.


Domain name

This is the website address often call URL (universal resource locator). An example of a URL is google.com, hubpages.com and so on.

To register a domain name, you can use the following sites, not that they’re the best but I’ve use and have them to have excellent service:




They provide you with a research tool to research to check the availability of the domain before registering.


This is where you will host your blog and the blog pages. There are several places online that offer these services.

But I have found: Hostgator.com and thinkhost.com to offer you with support and excellent service as well.

Once you have host your blog, start making your post, preferably, three times a week since it is a new blog.

Making money with your blog

There are several ways you can make money with your blog. Below are some of the simple ways to monetize your blog:

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Google Adsense

You can place google Adsense on your blog pages and you make money whenever someone clicks on the ads.

If you don’t have a google Adsense account, you can get one at google.com/adsense.

The most blog uses this method to make money with their blog.

Affiliate marketing

You can use your blog to promote other people’s product by writing reviews, recommending the product and embedding it within article post.

Information marketing

You can use your blog to sell your information in the form of an ebook.

Selling of advert space

Instead of selling someone else’s ads, you can start selling your own advert space and people pay you to place ads on your blog.

But this method requires that you have lots of traffic for the selling of advert space to make a reasonable income.

Drive traffic

This will not end if I don’t show you how to send traffic to your site, as your site is dependent on it. Some of the free ways to generate traffic are:

  • Article marketing: this is the act of writing and distributing articles to article directories like EzineArticles.
  • Making comments are similar blogs.
  • Bookmarking your sites in social media sites
  • Building links using socialmonkee.com
  • Submitting your pages to search engines this is easy using submitexpress.com



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