What do you work for?


The fear of not having money is pushing many people working a job they don’t like, receiving instructions from the boss they hate and receiving a paycheck they wish it was increasing every month.

These doesn’t stop there, others have resulted in moving from one job to another all the aim of a better paycheck. This happens because people want fine things and what money can buy. The only method they follow is trying to work more in other to get more money.

It gets to a stage where people have more things and they realize that the fear is still much around. Now the fear of losing all they have worked for begins to manifest. The circle continues.

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What do you work for?

This is a question everyone should ask. But when it comes to working, there are three set of people that will come into play.

The poor

The poor mostly work to make ends meet. All they need is the money that will take care of the food they eat and the water they drink for today.

The middle class

The middle class works to buy or change the things they already have. Like cars, house, cell phones, computers and to settle their bills. They equally work to build their curriculum vitae or resume in other to boost their chance of getting another job with a better pay.

The rich

The rich do things differently. They work to learn and not for the money. That is they work because what they’re working for it’s what they want and are working in other to know it. In most cases, they allow their money work for them.

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The rich have a choice and know exactly what they want that is why they don’t work because they need money or allow someone they don’t like to push them around.

What do you work for? Are you doing that job because of the money? If that is the main aim, then there is tendency you’ll only learn little from what you’re doing. Work to learn and don’t work for money.



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