Twitter’s Radical Plan: Why 10,000-Character Tweets might kill or Salvage the company


Why did I join twitter? It’s simple because the social network status updates not longer than 140 characters, displayed in real time. Making it easier to read many tweet within the shortest possible time. But that is about to change. Why is the company thinking of making the change?

In a bid to salvage the struggling company, the company see that increasing the status character from 140 to 10,000 character tweets might just be the solution.

Dick Costolo, former twitter CEO sees 140 character as insufficient and thought the solution to the problem might come from ordering tweets by relevance, not by chronology.

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The current CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey, thinks otherwise. According to Recode, twitter is developing a new feature that will see the company raise its tweet character up to 10,000. The feature is expected to be launched in March.

Twitter may not be growing as fast as planned by the company, but still have some royal users.

Whether this plan will work or not is left to be seen when launched.

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