Top 6 small business ideas for stay at home moms

small business ideasYou’re a stay at home mom and want to make some money at home? Here are some small business ideas to do that.

There are several home based business ideas that stay at home moms can do to make some extra money while still at home.

These small business ideas don’t interfere with your house chores. Doing it for some few hours a day will ensure the results you want.

Top 6 small business ideas for stay at home moms

Want to start your business at home, here are some small business ideas for you.

  1. Daycare

The majority of employers don’t condone working moms to nurse their babies during work hours.

These will create a distraction and reduce the output required by the employee. As a result, many result to using a day care.

To start this business, you’ll need to create an environment that will be suitable for the children, set your prices, the operating time of the day care and do a door to door marketing about your daycare business in the neighborhood.

Daycare business is a growing business as more moms have less time because of their day job.

  1. Sales of jewelry
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This is another booming business for stay at home mom. You’ll need to get some jewelry for both low and high-income women.

Some of the jewelry are necklaces, earring, ring, and bracelet.

You’ll need to know which jewelry appeals to the people around and it should be affordable.

  1. Catering services

My neighbor who was a stay at home mom in the late 90’s used catering service to create a successful business from her backyard.

She started with meat pie and grew to other catering products like queens cake, cakes, and bread.

The demand within the neighborhood was enough business for her.


Many stay at home moms are good in catering. Some taste will make you dumbfounded.

You can begin slowly baking one and grow from there.

  1. Teaching

Parents can pay anything in exchange for an education. Other parents don’t even have time to help their children with their assignment.

A teaching business will really be appealing to them as you can do what they cannot do.

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Starting a small school at home can be a great business for a stay at home mom.

Set the time and notify parents.

  1. Blogging

Do you have a passion or expertise about anything? What can you share with the world and make money from it?

If you have a passion then blogging can be a way to share that.

You can create your blog and begin to share your passion or expertise about the subject.

Your content can be in the form of an article, podcast or video.

Any method you choose will still do the work.

  1. Consulting

People have a problem and require solution to it. You can become a family, children, mom or men consultant and help people with the solution to their problem.

To be successful, you’ll need to really be updating yourself regularly.

What is your take

Here are my Top 6 small business ideas for stay at home moms which one will you take or which one did I leave out?

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