Top 6 gloriously simple things that are worth having at home

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Want to save more money, then you’re in the right place. These simple products are household products that can either prolong your foodstuff item or makes your work easier.

1.     The automatic toothpaste dispenser.

Designed for the family to improve convenience to improve hygiene and economy.

Say goodbye to sticky, messy sinks and counters.

This dispenser allows you to quickly, easily and neatly dispense just the right amount of toothpaste directly onto your brush. Get it here



2.     These pepper savers.


Extend the shelf life of a cut pepper. Designed to look just like a pepper, this will never be lost and forgotten in the fridge. Available here

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3.     The avocado saver.


avocados have a short shelf life, especially once cut, but don’t you wish there was a saver that could keep your leftover avocado fresher for longer? Get it here

4.     This water globes that’ll water your plants for you.

watering globe


The self-watering system eliminates the need to worry about leaving your plants unattended.

These beautiful, hand-blown stained glass mini plant watering bulbs are a great way to self-water your plants while adorning your home or garden with sparkling color. Get them here



5.     A herb saver that keeps your herbs fresh.


The Herb Savor preserves the flavor and vitality of fresh herbs for up to three weeks. Herb makes your food taste better. Available here.

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6. these ethylene gas apples that’ll prolong your product


Extends the life of your produce up to three times longer. Absorbs ethylene gas which causes produce to over ripen. Easy to use. Get them here

More coming.




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  1. Great article, i’ve tried the 2nd one and it was great to have it. Really liked it and i’ve already share it.

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