Top 5 reasons why you should not use free blogs

dofollowFree blogs are good and actually a good platform for beginners to blogging.

The free blogging sites like and are still popular and lots of people are using it and some are successful.

It is, however, a place where the journey rides can be unpleasant to say the list.

After using free blogs for a while and have to figure out the 5 reasons why using free blogs is not for people who want to build a serious online business.

Reason #1: Little Control over your blog

Using free blogs, you don’t need to go through the process of registering a domain name and paying for hosting.

The free blog site provides you with all that and you can set one within two minutes which is nice.

The site gives you only one control and that is to login into your backend and update or customize your blog. That ends there.

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They give you no control over your domain name and hosting. In other words, you don’t know when your domain or hosting will expire and you have no option of renewing it.

These free blog sites will eventually delete your site once they’re tired of you and your blog at any time they like without notifying you.

Reason #2: Rules

You have to follow the rules of the free blog site. The rules vary depending on the site you’re using and you most follow them.

The sites are always monitoring what you’re doing and to make sure to adhere to their rules.

Failure on any of their terms will result in banning from your site. This always happens and will continue to happen.

Reason #3: Contents

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Mostly the content you publish or share via your site is often not yours. It belongs to the provider properties.

Reason #4: Advertiser

Selling ad space is one way to monetize your site. However, no advertiser will want to advertise on a free blog.

The advertiser might think the blogger is not serious about blogging so why will I advertise?

Reason #5: Site Optimization

There are many limitations to optimize your blog. If you’re using a site like WordPress, you can use some plugin to help you.

Using free blogs is good especially if you’re new to blogging and not sure you want to continue blogging in the long term.

Blogging needs time, dedication and lots of commitment. When you’re sure to you want to take blogging serious, I recommend buying a domain name and pay for hosting.


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