Top 12 profitable Seasonal business ideas

Seasonal business ideas

Some businesses thrive during their season and that’s why these seasonal business ideas are worth trying.

With such business idea in mind, you have the chance to plan ahead of time to meet the customers demand in the season where such products are needed the most.

Seasonal business ideas are ideas that people take advantage of in the season  to provide the much-needed products or services in exchange for cash.

Who doesn’t want to make some extra cash during this period?

With these seasonal business ideas, you’re learning a whole lot. Like dealing with customers, marketing and building a business.

If you’re looking for a business to do part time or target certain periods, maybe you may want to take advantage of the seasonal business opportunities in your area to have some extra cash.

Benefits of seasonal business ideas

  • The item/product demand in that period increases presenting a huge opportunity
  • People generally want to go with the season and will definitely buy the product
  • The product is bought because you cannot do without it at that season

Below are my top 12 seasonal business ideas and business opportunities.

Top 12 profitable seasonal business ideas

  1. Poultry farming business

Poultry farming business is one of the widest backyard business today. This business can be done both in season and out of season.

If you decide to take poultry farming as your seasonal business idea, you will want to target periods when the poultry meat and egg are much needed.

Mostly, the demand for poultry product increases mostly during the festive period and the period where marriages are usually scheduled.

  1. Chicken dressing

The chicken dressing is another business that works all year round. But finds more customers during the season when the services for chicken dressing is a must needed. You’ll need the basic skills of how chicken are dressed, buy the equipment and market the business.

  1. Winter clothes and shoes

This business works during the winter period. To start the business, you’ll need to start selling clothes that suit the season. Some are hands gloves, cardigan, head warmer, sox, and shoes.

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You make more profit when you buy those items when the winter period is rounding up. Simply because at the period, winter clothes and shoes are cheaper due to the low demand.

  1. Car hire

During the holiday season, there is a mass movement of people all over the country. Commercial cars don’t always meet the demand. You can start a car hire service to convey people to their location.

You’ll need a car that is in good shape. Then you can decide which route you’ll ply and determine your prices. Most often, in a time where people are desperate to move, can pay anything.

  1. Sells of tomatoes

Most tomato sellers cultivate and sell it during the season. To start this business, you’ll need to grow the tomatoes and target the season mostly during the winter period.

  1. Supply of Christmas items

During Christmas, people then to decorate their home (both inside out). You can start the business by supplying Christmas items. some notable items here are Christmas tree, Christmas teddy bears, Christmas light and so on.

  1. Gift items

Gifts are a way people appreciate love ones and friends. One important period this is common, is during the holiday season. To start the business, you’ll have to identify and buy the gift items that will attract people to buy, that is affordable and profitable.

  1. Cattle fattening


Cattle fattening have been one vital business that has been profitable today. You buy the cattle, and feed them with the required food for one month and sell them.

To be profitable, you need to know the cattle breed. If you can’t identify a good breed, you’ll need the services of an expert in that field.

  1. Catering business

There has never been a period where caterer has been enough. In fact, the services are on the increase especially when the season for it has come.

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This business can be demanding, but when you choose it as a seasonal business, it’s only in that period you tend to do it and after that, you wait for another one to come.

To start the business, you’ll need the basic skills of catering, and begin to bake the one you know best.

  1. Holiday school

Holiday schools are schools organized during the holiday to keep student engage in academic activities during the holidays.

To start the holiday school, you’ll need to secure an existing school facility. The venue can be an existing school.

Advertise the time, subjects your holiday school will focus on. Set your prices and hire the teachers you’ll work with.

  1. Dried tomato business

Dried tomato business is one business that thrives when the growing season of tomato runs out. For many tomato sellers, they grow their tomato in season.

To start the business, you buy the required tomato in season, dry it and sell it out of season.

Learn more about dried tomato business

  1. Farm

This is a seasonal business where you plant the seed, grow and harvest it. The farm planting season usually that’s at least 3 months.

To start the farm business, you’ll need a land and the soil nature, is what will determine which seed you’ll plant in the farm.

You can sell your farm produce after harvest to the farmers market or to industries as raw materials.


The seasonal business idea is really a business idea that gives you the required time to prepare and execute it successfully. Because during such period, you know what your customers want and provide it for them.

Your turn

What will you add to the seasonal business idea? Feel free to add your take by making a comment.




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  1. If you are very active on social media platforms with a large online followership, you can make money during Christmas by selling various items for people and getting commissions from each sale. This works the other way round too. Put your items on blogs, social media platforms. Your products will reach more people than word of mouth would.

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