Top 12 Businesses in the Transport Industry


The Transport Industry has several Businesses that are very lucrative. If you’re interested in starting a business in the transport industry and wondering which one to do, then you’re in the right place. The business begins by researching to know your market, who to target and the chances of profiting.

Even though the business is lucrative, it may require substantial capital and serious managerial skills to stay in the business and make it profitable.

Before starting

Before starting your business it’s important to take the following into consideration.

  1. Register the Business
  2. Get licenses
  3. Do a Feasibility study
  4. Write a Business plan
  5. Determine the distances you want to cover
  6. Look for qualified Personnel

Below are some of the top businesses in the Transport industry.

  1. Haulage business

This business entails moving of goods either finished or raw material from one location to another. The goods could be from a Warehouse or from the Manufacturer of the Product to the Consumers or Retail points. Starting this Business will require huge capital, but when done properly, it could be very profitable.

How to Start a Haulage Business

  1. Car hire service

This is another lucrative business in the industry. All you need is a nice Car either new or used that can be appealing and convenient for your Clients. This involves picking people from the Airport and other locations to their destinations, to hiring out the Vehicles to Organizations.

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  1. Towing Business

With one or more towing vehicles you can start the business. Towing van moves broken Cars as a result of accident or mechanical fault from the point of breakdown to the repairer’s workshop. Consider getting the necessary licenses and permits before starting.

  1. Car wash Business

As we all know, Car owners want their Cars to be clean at all times. And most of the time the only option they have is the car wash because they don’t have time to spare washing their cars. This makes the carwash Business very lucrative and profitable. The Business begins by having an open accessible space for the washing of Cars and the purchase of modern Car washing equipments.

How to start a Car hire Business

  1. Courier Business

This Business entails moving of goods or items from one place to another mostly from City to City. You could run this Business independently with you transport vehicles or you could partner with a transport company to carry out this service.

  1. Car and Motorcycle sales

You can join this lucrative Business from two angles. You can decide to sell

  1. Used Cars and Motorcycles or
  2. New Cars and Motorcycles

Any how you decide to join; you can make profit when carried out in the right way. You can equally engage in the supply of motor Spare parts for maintenance and servicing of the vehicles.

  1. Driving school
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It will amaze you to know that many people want to learn how to drive and don’t have access to a Car. Setting up a Driving School is a good way of using your car to teach People about driving and to harness that market.

  1. Taxi Business

You can start a taxi/cab business moving people from one place to another within an area in exchange for cash. Most often the distance that is covered is within a City or Municipal center.

  1. Bus Transport Business

Movement is a necessary part of life and many people have to travel from one place to another. From observation, most people travel by road as not many can people afford the cost of air travel. To key into this large market of road users, you need to purchase a Bus, hire a qualified Personnel and Drivers, get the necessary permit then you can begin the Business.

  1. Filling station

Gas is a global necessity as it is the major source of energy for vehicles and Engines. Setting up a gas station to harness this large market will be very profitable.

  1. Private Jet rentals

This business requires huge capital to start. You can buy a Jet and rent it out to Businesses, Business Executives, Politicians and Celebrities.

  1. Ambulance Business

You can buy Ambulance to convey sick or accident victims to the Hospital. The Business can also be used in conveying Cops from the Mortuary for funeral.

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