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After posting an article in my blog about The 20 years syndrome-good or bad? I decided to give you some tips about more productive days.

These tips will help you do what you have to do in other to have the success you need in the years to come.

We all have the same the seconds, minutes, and hours in a day. What we do with the time given is what matters at the end of each day.

Having a productive day is an art and not a science and is one of the most satisfying feelings at the end of each day.

Below are some tips to help you have a day that is productive not only in a day, but every day.

Tip #1: wake up with a positive attitude

Wake up with a positive attitude every day. Believe that you’ll have a better today than yesterday. Never allow the events of yesterday over shadow your today.  A positive morning will mean good day ahead. Try and avoid anything that will spoil your morning.

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Tip #2: organize your day

Take some time and organize your day. These should include your top priorities and how to achieve them. Never try and execute your priorities at the same time, give them time frame. But start with the most difficult one.

Tip #:3 determine to take action


Be committed to take action every day and not to sit and wait for luck. There is nothing like luck. Be smart and work then more opportunities will come your way.

Tip #4: minimize distractions

Even though there are some distractions you cannot control, there are many you can control. Minimize the use of social media, phone calls and gisting that will not take you to your desired result at the end of the day.

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Tip #5: work more

Put it at the back of your mind that you’ll do more of work that play. This is because you have a mission and a goal to achieve every day.

You can use your spare time to evaluate yourself and see the speed you’re going on achieving your day goals.

Tip #6: keep reminding yourself

Never forget to remind yourself about your goals for the day. That will make you to keep moving.

Tip #7: be focus

Be focus and discipline to follow your priorities for the day. One thing that affects people from achieving their goal is lack of focus. Just follow one coarse and you’ll be successful.

Go and make a productive day.

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