Time Management Checklist For New Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have several balls in the air at a time. If you have just started up, you must be running against time to complete almost every task pertaining to your business. Helping hands are few, so you are forced to do everything on your own – from accounting and human resources management to infrastructure development.

This is where time management proves helpful for you and your business. The stress should be put on the effective time management, rather than on your mind. If you are able to chalk out a perfect time management strategy, your operational productivity will increase tremendously. You will have better grip over your life on the personal level also.

Time management is sometimes pushed down the list of priorities due to pressing operational demands. Even if you juggle your business tasks with personal life, you will find the right balance by the virtue of time management. You can follow these tips to get the much required balance –

Be specific about goals and how to achieve them

Always hit the bull’s eye. Instead of beating around the bush, you should focus more on your core activities which are directly connected with your goals. If you are running a business, it is obvious you have some clear goals in your mind. If you don’t, the first thing you need to do is to set them. After being clear about your goals, link your time with them and focus on completing each task as per schedule. Never waste your time on things which will not help you with your goals.

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Organize yourself

Make a list of all the necessary tasks and organize them in an order of priority. Attempt each task one by one. Keep adding new ones to the list as they come up along the way. As soon as you complete the checklist, you will feel tremendously relaxed. That is what being organized means. It makes you feel liberated as you have only one task in hand at a time. If you know what you are going to do and how, you will definitely save a lot of time.

Know where you need to improve

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Nobody is perfect. While you are good at certain things, you could be weak at some others. All you can do is to improve gradually. To achieve perfection, you first need to identify where you are weak. You should then put aside some time every day to address each of your weaknesses. For example, if you feel that you are lacking in communication with your prospects, make sure that you enhance it over a period of time.

Tracking progress and maintaining productivity

It is very important you keep track of the progress that you have made by following your time management strategy. Make an assessment of your productivity – whether it has improved or not. If you are feeling energized and full of creative power, you are on the right path.

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