Things employees should never say at work

don't speak

Robert Kiyosati the author of rich dad poor dad said words are tool and what you say will definitely become your reality. Words can be used to motivate or demotivate a person. Because we all have different mind and respond to what we listen differently.

Whether a person is at the top of the organization, middle or even the bottom of the organization, a good communication inspires the mind, body and soul to action and this in turn makes the person perform at the required level and desired result achieved.

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That explains why great leaders inspire their people and achieve the impossible. Becoming a great leader then begins by saying all good stuff to your employees, this empowers and encourage them to action.

With rising competition on a daily basis, employers need employees who can stand, work as a team and have a positive winning attitude. This begins by what you say to each other at work.

The following are the phrases that should not be used from the office. This might look like ordinary phrases but the impact can be damaging.

  1. You’re too bossy
  2. We can’t achieve it
  3. This is not fair
  4. I need a raise
  5. There is nothing I can do
  6. I can’t work with her/him
  7. We’ve been doing it that way, remember?
  8. What ever
  9. You’re wrong!
  10. I am the boss and my decision is final
  11. I know what am doing
  12. I don’t need your input
  13. I don’t have time
  14. I can’t help you
  15. I was here before you
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