The power of the tongue-6 tips you need to know


The tongue might be one of the smallest parts of the body, but it’s actually one of the powerful one. Below are some powerful things the tongue can do.

–          The tongue can activate or deactivate

–          The tongue can build or destroy

–          The tongue can motivate or demotivate

–          The tongue have the power of life and death


–          The tongue can inspire you to action or stops you

–          The tongue can unite or divide people

So using the tongue at the right time and saying the right thing is key.

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Vital way of using the tongue

In 1970, when the civil war was brought to an end, the military head of state went on to declare that there was ‘no victor no vanquished’ that single statement alone made the different and both sides the avenue of reconciliation.

They say words are tool and If you want to change your world, change your words. In other words, what you say, you become. Keep saying the right word and all will work according to what you have. So how do you use your tongue?

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The tongue is as powerful as you can think. Make sure you use it well.

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