The Nigeria of today-full of surprises


Nigeria? What a country. A country where you hardly wake up without a surprise. The scenes and the polity are changing on a daily basis what a country? When one look are the antecedent of events in Nigeria, one will wonder what will happen tomorrow.

It seems that it is only in Nigeria that certain things occurs and nobody ask why or even bother to know. The few that will ask will be silent.

  • It’s only in Nigeria that you will find a millionaire who is not working or runs a business
  • It’s only in Nigeria that student blame the government for not passing their examinations
  • It’s only in Nigeria that money is the definition of success
  • It’s only in Nigeria that “money really answers all things”
  • It’s only in Nigeria that leaders are always doing the right thing
  • It’s only in Nigeria that words speaks louder than action
  • It’s only in Nigeria that the rich man is above the law
  • It’s only in Nigeria that millions of naira, sometimes dollars are spend on a project with nothing tangible outcome
  • It’s only in Nigeria that heroes are not rewarded or recognized
  • It’s only in Nigeria that personal interest is more valuable than public interest.
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The list will go on and on. Well we’re not attacking anybody, but we’re saying the system in our country needs changing. We need people that can stand and make there yes be yes and there no be no.

The Nigeria of yesterday is better than the Nigeria today. But let us strife to change things for our own good and the future of our country.

One love Naija..


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