The little things that shapes our future

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The future is what everybody is looking at; expect if you don’t have hope. But when the issue comes in our hearts, we tend to ask several questions like ‘what will happen to me in the next ten years? Or where will I be in the next ten years?’.

These happens always because sometimes when you’re in the future, you may look back and wish the future had not come. Most often fill with regret and uncertainty.

But there are things we do that help to shape our future from good to better and best or from good to bad and worse.

But if you want to have a best future, this article is for you and here are the little things you do that shapes your future for best.


Dream always and dreaming comes from within. You see it in your mind’s eye. In other words, you can never see a dream with a physical eye and that is called vision.

That is why people will tell you ‘what you just said will not happen’ when you share your dream. Just use that as an encouragement to keep your dreams alive.

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Constant planning

They plan regularly. The planning is to device a means to make sure they actualize their dreams. This planning begins with a daily step to take until completion.

Always current

Keep learning and improving because that is the only way you won’t be deformed and you’ll be relevant in the society. Know that if they’re not current, they can never be correct.

Achieve something


Make sure you make efforts to achieve something reasonable every day. Make it a top priority to do something that makes you productive on a daily basis.

Priotize your day   

Know that there is time for play and work. I believe the saying ‘all work without play makes jack a dull boy and vice versa’. Make it an habit to schedule time for work and pleasure. But don’t take more pleasure than work. You might be surprise of achieving nothing at the end.

Hang around positive minds

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Positive minds always discuss ideas and never discuss about others or event. Stay among minds like that, you might be surprise how this might inspire to do more.

Switch off the television

Television is the number one time stealer in this world. Some can stay indoors for hours watching those people that have done their homework and are showcasing it. While the one without any dream waste his product time and energy watching them.

If you want to go somewhere, you have to learn how to control your television use. One of the most successful man by name Bill Gates, the cofounder of Microsoft, said and I quote ‘television is not real life’.

Use the viewing time to do something productive, even if it is thinking.

Reduce your social media use

It’s a known fact that most of the people today spend most of their time on various social media chatting, sharing pictures and playing games.

Substituting it with something productive a day will make the difference in the future.

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