The after effect-Time to move on


Sometimes it’s easier to hate where you’re especially if you think you should be in a better position than where you are. That is if you’re asking questions why am in position A and you keep wondering and asking yourself  why I am in position A, instead of position C? You may be right to ask and think why.

Such questions may arise when a person begin to realize he should have done better or have move away from where he/she was since.  But where you’re, where you’re supposed to be and it’s not by accident you’re there. All these are happening as a result of what I call the after effect.

After effect doesn’t just occur by natural occurrence, on the contrary, it’s really as a result of actions. After effect is just like a chemical reaction. Because in chemical reaction, before you get a product, there must be reactants that react. Then the resultant product comes from reacting the reactant.

After effect is the same as a chemical reaction the resultant outcome is determine by the action and the chemicals you react. What do you do today? What will you do now? Don’t expect something positive or harvest when you don’t plant or do anything.

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The following are the three components that form build our after effect.


It all begins from the mind. What you think is definitely what you’ll want to put into action. Thought create everything. In other words, our thought creates the physical world.

Albert Einstein said “imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions”. It simply means thoughts create your reality. Listen to your thought and what are the things that are dominant? Then take note, because you’re beginning to build your reality. Don’t doubt your thoughts or think you can’t achieve what you dream of.


Based on what you think, your character begins to change. Because now your thought is now shaping your character. You begin to associate with like minds to further shape your character. With time people will begin to notice the change no matter how you try to hide it.

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They say Character is like pregnancy and it’s true and your changed character begins to manifest with time just like in an early stage of the pregnancy you might not know about it but it shows later no matter how you try to hide it.


Now what is been conceive within the mind, is now put into action and it is the result you get that is the after effect.

After effect is all about your believe system. You cannot act beyond your thoughts. That is if you’re in level A of thinking you cannot be in level B in action. Your action then is the direct reflection of what you conceive from the inside and trying to manifest it outside.

It’s time to start something worthwhile, it’s time to start taking major steps in fulfilling your dreams. Dream big and achieve big.

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