The 5 easiest ways to double your website traffic in 30 days


There must be reason why certain website receives tons of traffic every month than similar website, especially if they’re targeting the same niche.

This however, becomes some how frustrating despite the hard work, but the bulk of the traffic is one sided.

Some might think the website that have tons of traffic usually are websites own by experts in the niche they’re targeting.

That may be right, but still you can double your traffic within thirty days even if you’re a newbie to the internet and your website is not build on site build it.

Although website build on site build it, traffic generation is easier there is still room to double your traffic.

Below are the 5 easiest ways to double your traffic in 30 days that will double your return on investment.

  1. Index your content

When you write blog content, make sure it is informative and contains the keyword you’re targeting within the title of the post and the body of the article.

After publishing your post, always index your post. Using the major search engines site to do that is pretty slow.

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For fast result, use to submit your article. This makes your article appear within the search engines in 5 minutes.

  1. Create a newsletter

Create a newsletter that talks about any useful to your blog visitors. The topic of the newsletter should be inline with the topic of your blog.

Create a free report in the form of an eBook and give away for free. Make it available to those who subscribe to your newsletter. This way you will build your subscribers fast.

Once you have subscribers, start posting your newsletter. Your newsletter can be schedule to be for a week, bi—weekly or monthly.

  1. Use the SEO plugins

Find and install the search engine optimization plugins that helps boost your sites ranking within the search engines. Some useful plugins are:


SEO pressor

Google site map

SEO all in one desk.

  1. Write in articles and distribute them

Start writing articles and publish them in various article directories, like ezinearticles, goarticles, articlebase and so on.

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These sites have tons of visitors and are an important place to win some of the site visitors.

  1. Ezine publishers.

Look for ezine publishers who maintain newsletter. Ezine publishers do have last newsletter subscribers. Contact them and tell them you have an article you want to submit to there subscribers in exchange of a link back to your site.

You can contact as many ezine publishers as you want as some publishers will agree while others some will decline.

Even though traffic generation is a constant phenomenon, it is not possible to add the 5 simple steps into consideration, as it will double your site visitors and increase your search engine ranking-the ultimate source of free traffic online.

  1. Document sharing sites

This sites let’s you covert your articles or short reports into a portable document file (pdf) and upload it. These sites account to about fifty million traffic monthly.

Some of the popular once include:

Generating traffic to a site is a routine phenomenon if you really want to make reasonable income online.


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