The 20 years syndrome-good or bad?


I was together with some friends’ gisting one cold Friday evening. Then a question was raised, ‘where do you see yourself in 20 years?

What a question from one of us. Most sitting there couldn’t answer it. Some said wait until 20 years then we can answer you.

Even though the question was funny, but it was a serious one. Often time we see 20 years as far from now, but when you look at 10-15 years back, it was like yesterday. That is how time flies.

Perhaps 20 years might sound long for many, but it’ll come before you know it. But the 20 years is not what matters, it’s the situation that we’ll meet by then and it will be the ultimate result of our decision and actions we took today.

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The big question

The big question will be, ‘what are you doing today to see that in the next 20 years people will use your name as an example to others because you’re successful?


Are you folding your hands and think luck will just knock at your door? Or are you busy blaming someone for your current state of life?

No one can change your life; you’re the architect of your life. People can only advise and it’s left for you to take it or leave it.

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But know that we all have a duty and a role to play. In other words you have a part to play in these life, don’t expect people to do everything for you all the time.

It’s still not late

It’s still not late to change and start doing something productive. Because in time, you can be an influence and an authority. Just don’t look at yourself as inferior. You’re valuable.

When you start with a baby step, you might be surprise how matured you’ll be in 20 years from now.

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