Success moves with time, so wait for your time

food for thought

I often wonder what young men and women are thinking these days. The idea of getting quick result (overnight result) is the order of the day. We seem to be rushing things and expecting instant result. Some will argue that we’re in a fast world, no doubt about that, but still, things happen at the time it should be.

The young man today wants to be successful overnight. We want to make money that will buy us our dream house, dream car and the vacation we need. It can be starting a business and wants to have the entire customers today.

Wait a minute….!

It’s good to have dreams and to dream big. But there are certain things that the only option you have is to the rules. In other words, there are no short cuts to it and becoming successful is one of it.

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Success really moves with time.

Let me use an example here to illustrate what I mean. When you go to big cities where there are businesses that have been operating for some years, you should not expect your business which started some few years ago to make that success equivalent to the already successful in an instant. You’ll need time to build your reputation and credibility.

Another thing you need to know is when your friend happens to be in the government, and you have a product or service, then that friend will always come to you for supplies. And the starter who his friends are yet to be in that position will struggle.

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Just hang on

How I wish to tell you that waiting for your time requires some serious patience. Because you’ll face the good times and the bad times, but when the bad times comes hang on and never give up.

Just know that, no one reins forever. That is, your time will come. All you need to do is to continue to do what is expected on a daily basis and never give up.

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