Stuffs your employer will never give you

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We’re in such a job uncertain period. It’s not new and a surprise to many people as to how fragile a job can be. Today it seems that the private sector is the one downsizing as well as recruiting, at least more than the public sector.

For those who are working under somebody, you notice there are rules which both the employer and the employee have to abide by.

For instance the duty of the employer is to pay you at the end of the month and you the employee is to work in other to get your entitlement at the end of each day, week or month depending on the terms of agreement.

No matter how comfortable and secured you feel at your work, the incentive you get from your job, there are certain things your employer will never give you.

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Below are some of the things your employer will never give you.


Your employer can only guarantee your security alone and will never give you freedom. That’s probably why you cannot earn more than him.

People who want security are mostly afraid of taking risk. On the other hand the employer takes your risk because he wants freedom. And look for you to help him. At this stage, he has cross the point where the risk is minimal.

Not only that, the employer also controlled some of your time. You notice that the employer takes at least 40 hours a week of your time. And doesn’t entertain any excuse at all.

Make you rich

Your employer will never make you rich. His duty is to give you a paycheck at the end of the month and at that stage, the ball is completely in your court to either become rich or poor. This is determine by the way you spend your money.

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A wise employee removes some money every month for his investment. While the unwise spends his entire money buying liabilities.

Employers never give you job security

The employer might be happy to have you, but that is not a guarantee that he’ll keep you forever. When the employer feels he doesn’t need you, he fires you. Sometimes it might be at the point you don’t expect.

Work smart and always have an exit formula. You might not know what the employer might say to you at the odd hour.

In my opinion, the best you can be is to be less dependent on your job and to build your own job. These will go a long way.

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