How to start an online news website

online news website

Earlier, I’ve talked about how to start a magazine or newspaper business and to expand it, I will talk about how to start an online news website.

Many sites like yahoo news,, to mention a few have all been successful online news portals with tons of visits on a daily basis.

What makes them so special and how can you create your one site that stands out? Keep reading and we’ll give you the nitty-gritty.

Why start an online news website

  1. Have more traffic- according to Pew Research Center’s analysis 39 out of 50 get more traffic from mobile devices than from desktop computers.

While 10 out of the 50 news site mobile visitors spend more time per visit on the site than desktop visitors

  1. Easily build a loyal fan base
  1. Less expensive to setup
  1. You have information at your finger tip
  1. They want to share their activity. I recently saw a magazine about the association of power bike owners and basically the magazine is about sharing the information about their activities.
  1. You start the chance to make money from your news website


Starting your online news website

The following steps show you the steps you need to setup and be successful with an online news website.


Step one: decide on what topic you want

I’ve seen a lot of people trying to be yahoo news other words, trying to target everyone instead of zeroing in on a specific niche.

Competing with elephant might be difficult to build credibility and readers in time.

Most successful online news websites that target wider niche have built that over a period of time.

They have a wide range of correspondents and that makes it easily for them to get content always.

An example is is a football news website with over 600 correspondents.

Following their steps might be cumbersome and difficult to cope especially if you’re just starting.

The most important here is to target a specific topic and you can add more topic as the news site crows.

Instead of trying to be like, you can target to report on a specific football club.

When you target a specific niche, you’re simply

  • Building a brand
  • Building credibility
  • Your conversion will be better
  • You know who exactly your audience are

It’s easy to catch up in numbers, but engagement matters more.

The key here

You have to know the audience you’re trying to target. That should enable you to find topics that interest people.

Some maybe entertainment news, politics, money/economy, technology, sports etc. If that is in line with your interest, that’s great.

Step two: Build the online news website

There are two ways I recommend here. Using site build it (SBI) or WordPress. If you’re using SBI, you’ll get all in one package.

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In other words, the package comes with a domain name, hosting, website builder, template and so on. All you need to do with SBI is to dream it, build it.

Read the full review by clicking here with SBI, you don’t build a website. Build a successful online business, Click here to see proof.

If you’re going to use WordPress as a platform here is how to go about it:

find a domain name

These will be the address of your business. In other words, this is where people will find you online.

Your domain name should relate to your intended topics. Might not be necessary but your domain name can give your people an idea of your site.

The key

  • Make your domain easy to remember.
  • Avoid using hyphens in your domain
  • Make your domain as short as possible

Finding and registering a domain name is simple. Just click here to do that with

Sign up for hosting

Hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. It makes your website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Hosting makes your pages and article visible. In other words, this is where you go to create email addresses, install software for your site (online store, shopping cart, etc.)

click here to learn more about web hosting or skip the tips and choose packages

Step three: Install WordPress

After registering your domain and signing up for hosting, log into your Cpanel and install WordPress.

It’s a free and most popular content management system and the good news is there is no web design knowledge required.


After installation, navigate to your web admin and is located at to log into your website.

Step four: Design your website

Designing your website begins by installing

  1. Relevant plugins
  2. Creating menus
  3. Creating categories
  4. Installing themes

Depending on your budget, you can go with a premium theme and some plugins.

Step five: start creating content

Now that your site is ready, begin to post some relevant content according to your target news niche. Here consistency is very important if you want to build readership quickly.

Always make sure your site is among the first to break new news stories. Here are some key facts to help you.

  • Follow major players in your chosen niche on social media and quote them often.
  • Sign up to related news agencies to know the latest via their newsletter.
  • Find and hire researchers to ensure what you’re giving is genuine
  • Hire a content editor to edit and proofread your content before publishing

Step six: Market your news site

Now that you have setup and have some content on your new site, it’s time to begin to tell people about your site.

There are several ways to do that which can be free or paid. Each method works but one is slow and the other is fast.

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Using the free method

This is the slow method of sending people to your site.

The reason has been that you’re not an authority yet and requires you to do more in other to cut the attention of others.

Here are some ways of achieving these free method of traffic.

Article marketing: this involves writing an article and posting article via article directory.

You have the chance to put your bio at the end of each article you post.

How exciting and informative your article is, that is what will determine why people will click to visit your site.

Forum posting: quite similar to article marketing, here you post your article call thread or respond to a thread.

 Here you create a sig file where a link to your website appears when you make a post.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Probably the best form of free traffic.

Here the process involves making your content visible in a search engine. The higher your rank, the more traffic you get.

Most traffic from SEO are organic and are the ones that become your readers always.

Making blog comment: adding your own opinion to articles as a comment also shows your expertise in that niche.

 Make your link available and if possible, make a recommendation.

Guest posting: this strategy involves writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.

This way, you can increase your readership, authority and introduce you to new people.

Using social media: using social media will require you to know the tools that will help in your campaign.

 There are about 42 tools that you can choose from that will eventually make your online news website news more visible.

Learn about the tools that expose your business and build your credibility.

SEO, guest posting and making comment happens to be the most successful free method of traffic which have proven to be successful.


Using paid traffic

Several methods have been around for a long time. Paid advertising methods can include social media, bing ads, AdWords.

The paid method requires a lot of learning before you can go into it, else you stand the risk of losing money with nothing to show for it.

Making money with your online news website

Several ways can be used to make money from your news website. You can sell advertising space, charge for people for posting content and do product recommendation.

If you have a large following in any of your social media websites, you can charge people for posting their content on any of the social media.





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