6 Small business ideas for entrepreneurs with limited capital

Small business ideasYou don’t need millions to start or fund your business startup. with the little starting funds, you can begin turning your small business ideas into reality.

At this stage, your number one and two resources will be your time and money. How well you manage these resources, will help you grow the business.

When time is missing, money can buy you the time of others who will use their time to do the job and you pay them. If it’s the opposite, that is, when you have time but with little money, then you have to work until you begin to generate the needed cash flow.

6 small business ideas for entrepreneurs with limited capital

Several small business ideas are available for entrepreneurs. Some of which does not require any startup capital.

Sit down and relax as I show you the small business idea for entrepreneurs with limited capital.

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Wedding gown hiring

You don’t need an office space nor a wedding gown to start. You’ll only need to know where to hire the wedding gowns and the train dresses, you hire on behalf of the bride and charge an extra commission. You’ll need an excellent communication and good marketing.

Event planning

The service of event planning may take place outside, but the planning and the management are done indoors, sometimes even home base. Creativity is key. Whenever the opportunity opens up, it’s an opportunity to sell yourself and business.

Great marketing and networking will ensure your success.


Gift items

Can be started at home. Get a wide selection of gift items like toys, ribbons etc. Holiday seasons will always be your peak season.

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Online business

Maybe you may want to start your business online. Seller is everywhere from social media to forums looking for the latest jewelry, shoes, cloth, watches and so on. You can either use the social media to sell or create your own website to sell it.

Fast food cart

The fast food cart is a Great business for prospective entrepreneurs. This business can be called a mobile kitchen providing quick food. One of the small business ideas that requires little space and startup capital to start and gaining popularity constantly.

Mobile photo booth

Offer photo mobile booth service for schools, parties, religious bodies and corporate event. Your mobile photo booth should include your camera, a computer, tripod stand, lighting equipment and some background to add some colour. With that, you’re good to go.



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