Small Business Forums – How They Can Help Your Online Business?


When you are attempting to build a successful online business, there will come times when you are not sure what to do or who to turn to. One of the best ways to overcome both difficulties is to seek out small business forums online.

These online business forums can be so helpful in so many ways.

“How do you find them?” you ask. Well, the best way to do that is to go to Google, enter in your main topic of interest (i.e. your niche) then add “+ forum” into the space and hit “Enter.” E.g. “internet marketing+forum”. You’ll get search results for the most popular forums in your niche.

You should visit them, register for each site, then read the rules of participating in those forums. While most are generally the same (will be discussed below), some forums may emphasize certain protocol that others don’t.

Most online business forums will expect you to not blatantly advertise your products and services on the forum. You can indirectly advertise them via your signature file that includes 4-5 lines of text and a link back to your website. Most small business forums will require you to have made so many posts (at least 10) before your signature file is shown to other members.

They feel that this is fair in the event you are trying to advertise your products/services to other members. The owners of these sites want you to give quality information to other members and participate in the forums before you receive an indirect advertising benefit from your posting.

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Note that your signature file isn’t the only way you benefit from your forum posting; many of the other members have probably already experienced what you are struggling with. As a result, you can ask your questions in the appropriate section on the forum and expect quality answers that can help you overcome those problems.

Free, quality advice can be expected from the most respected forums (which you found via Google’s first page of search results via “your niche + forum”).
In turn, you should also provide quality advice to other members of the forum who ask questions. It’s likely they will be dealing with challenges that you have already faced. By helping them out with quality information, you are doing two things:

1. You are showing your expertise in this topic of interest (i.e. niche), which only bodes well for other forum members to click your link in your signature file because they will come to trust you as a respected member of this online community.


2. Your signature link will be shown more as you post more, which is all the more reason why you should be posting regularly, especially when another member needs help and you can provide it.

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Besides never directly advertising in online business forums, you should never attack another member of the forum for a post he/she has made. You can have mature, polite disagreements in regards to the content, but NEVER attack the poster directly. You also should not make useless posts that really bring nothing to the thread discussion.

This includes going off-topic from the main discussion or posting “I agree,” “Great job,” or some equivalent. This will be looked upon by other members of the forum as just trying to boost your post count and getting your website link shown more on the forum.

You want to always provide quality posts when you do post, whether it’s in the form of information, a question, or both.

As you can see, online small business forums can provide helpful information to you when you become confused and stuck in building your online business. They are also a great opportunity to build your reputation and get your website more well-known to other members of the forum, which can translate into more subscribers and customers.

By utilizing the information above, small business forums can provide great benefits to your online business.


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