Search Engine Optimization strategies: 3 Things to consider before exchanging links


Trading links with blogs and websites with similar niche has become one of the easiest ways to optimize your blog or websites to search engines.

Why trade links

  1. It makes the search engines finds your site easily and faster.
  2. It can send you more traffic to your site.
  3. It can make your site appear among the top ten ranked sites within the search engines.
  4. It establishes credibility and authority in your chosen niche, especially when your blog or website link is found within blogs of authority in that niche.

When link exchange is done properly, a blog or website will appear among the top ten sites when a search is conducted under that niche.

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However, there are things to consider before trading or exchanging links within a blog or website.

  1. Before trading link with any website or blog, it should have a good search engine ranking. Preferably among the top five within the search term.


For instance if the niche you’re targeting is dog training New York, do a search on that niche, specific to New York. The top five sites are the sites you should consider to trade links.


After you’re done with the top five sites, you can consider other sites similar to your niche, as they’ll equally improve the site rankings.


  1. Make sure you know the number of sites linking the sites you want to link to. The number of sites linking them will determine the site ranking.
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You can know that by typing link then the site url and hit search. For instance, when you navigate to google and type, Link: and hit to search.

The search that will appear will say 1 to 10 out of ….. The dash will be a number and that number represents the sites linking the site you want to link to.

  1. Make sure the site traffic is increasing on a daily basis and that the site is updated constantly.

These three steps will make your site rank well with search engines and increase your site traffic.

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