Quitting-the losers game

dont quit

A friend told me the story of two guys who travel to an island for an adventure. When these two friends arrive, they realize that the people in that place of adventure are without shoes. In other words, they work bear footed.

The other person saw an opportunity to supply shoes and sell; the other person saw that nothing will come out from the island.

When they left, the person that saw the opportunity return back with shoes and started selling. It took him nearly 2 years for everybody in the island to have shoes and in no time, his business grew.

When it became successful, the other guy return back to have a join venture, which the person said no.

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That’s a typical example of a quitter; they don’t see opportunity as opportunity. They see opportunity as stumbling block. They’re always afraid of trying new thing, because in their mind, they’ll fail.

When life pushes them around, they quit and never try again. That’s why a quitter follows the crowd and the crowd heads to nowhere.


No one is born a quitter

No one is born a quitter. We are all important, with a solution to someone else’s problem. So why quit when you know that you have the potential to win and win in the life race?

There is something about winning-winning is not exclusive. In other words, winning is not meant for only few people.

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It’s for everyone and doesn’t care about your location, skin color, country or race. Just keep doing what expected on a daily basis, you might be surprise that you’re closer than you think.

Keep moving

Don’t allow the people whispering to your ears saying ‘you can’t achieve your dreams’ distract you and give up. Use their talk as a stepping stone to do more and proof to them that you know what you’re doing and can still achieve more what you’re doing.

Quit the quitting came and start the winning game and the world will definitely celebrate you-because they don’t have any option.

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