Quick tips to register a domain name

domain name

Domain name is your passport online. In other words, it is your internet identity. Taking your time to choose an identity that will represent you, your brand and your identity online should be given serious consideration.

some domain name became popular because it can be remembered easily and conveys a message.

Into today’s internet, finding a domain name you like might be difficult to find, even when you find one, it could be pretty expensive to buy because they are expired and flipped by either the owner or the person who buys the domain from the original owner.

Read about domain flipping business.

If anyway even at that, you still can get the domain you like within your budget.

Here are 7 quick tips to register a domain name.


Keep it short as possible

Although there are long domain names with more than 65 characters, keeping it short will make people remember and can simply type it into their browser when they want to visit your site.

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Register short domain names associated with the niche of your site. It should not contain more than 15 characters.


Use dot-com extension

There are lots of domain extension now. Since your site is to make  money for you, use dot-com extension.

It is actually the first extension and the first extension people search for when they come online.


Avoid using hyphen

The tendency of finding short easy to remember domain name using dot-com might be slim.

Using a hyphen, on the other hand, might make people not to remember your domain name has a hyphen and might not be easily typed into the browser.

You can use extensions like a briefing, expert, headquarters/HQ, education or even words that don’t exist like Zingo, tivo and so on.

Try expired domain names

You may want to try out some expired domain name. They might be a little more expensive, but you can get the domain you want and this can be great because some of the expired domain names might have some traffic to it.

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it Also is a brand name and really requires you to do little to maintain the brand name.

Register a new domain name

If option four is not wanted you want or have not work, you can still search for new domain name.

You can visit sites like Namecheap, search for a domain name and register it.

Protect your brand with another extension

While the dot-com extension is the most popular, it is important to protect brand by registering other extensions like dot-net, dot-org, and not forgetting the mobile extension which is the dot-mobi.

Register your domain for as long as possible

Register your domain for at least three years, is important.

This will make your domain not expire from you in a short time and to show your seriousness to the search engines.




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