Post retirement-the same circle repeating itself, avoid it

I want to talk about post retirement and what people are facing about life after retirement. Am somewhat brought up among people who work (they have a job) to earn a paycheck at the end of every month. Over the years, I have watched a lot of them work during their active years and retirement.

To my surprise, the hardworking person that climbs the corporate ladder and at the end retires and for the majority, instead of a life of enjoyment, that’s the beginning of a different life entirely full of uncertainty and doubt with increasing difficulty on a daily basis.

Totally the opposite of what most of them thought of retirement and during their work years, they work without thinking of retirement. Only few can boost of other valuable things rather than work experience.

However, it was not the first time they saw the effect of the post retirement syndrome. But the saying that it won’t happen to me was in their mouth and yet they did nothing to change it. Now they’re the ones facing the music.

Even with the alarming rate, it is obvious the young men and women are not sensitive about the situation that is coming. They follow a particular trend that starts with school, after school, get a job and then marry.

 For many we were told it was a trend for a successful life (am not against the trend of life). But times have pass and things have change. A lot will realize ten, fifteen years later that the rosy life is turning into something else.

And yet when the ash reality of life start showing his ugly face, we know that we need something to do that will make the difference in the future.

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Case and point

While staying in a working class environment, with virtually all the people in the environment are working in the same place and also staying in the same place. Most of them are young in their mid-thirties to forty years old.

 I notice the effect of competition among them; it normally starts with the luxuries we use like cell phones, then car, laptops and so on. Even the superiors are equally competing with the young ones. The person with the latest gadget is often regarded the rich one.

In that same environment is a man who retired not long ago and he told us something as young men, he said you’re young men with great future ahead. Don’t waste it, don’t make mistakes like us, he said, or you’ll be just like me sitting Monday to Sunday doing nothing, but reading newspaper, he added.

For most of the retired people with nothing to show, use their seed for planting and eat everything and when the harvest time came, there was nothing to harvest. The same planting time, a lot of people are using their seed to compete on something that will perish with time.

The way…

In life, you don’t expect to get a different result when you’re doing the same things others have done. Life is all about principles and you break life’s principle, you’ll face the consequences. For instance, when you jump from a roof, you’re coming down, because there is gravity and the principle says you’re coming down and not up. That’s how life operates.

We all start a race by taking the first step. Here are few recommendations to help you avoid the post retirement crisis.

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The retirement calculator

The retirement calculator should be on from the first day work started. Don’t look at how far your retirement is. We’re in an uncertain period in life where there is no job security.

Retirement planning

Use your retirement planning effectively. Use can draw a plan on paper and set some time frame that you need to accomplish them. use your retirement planning and retirement calculator to have an effective work plan towards your retirement in future.

Am retired already

If you’re retired already, it’s still not over, use your retirement benefits and start something you know you have passion for it. Even without an idea, you can look for materials that will help you and teach you what you can do. This will not only help you make some money, it will also make you engage, which reduces the thinking and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Other ways also can be..

  • Start by prioritizing your life and arrange them according to your level of urgency and importance.
  • Cultivate the habit of investing; you may start by gaining knowledge, before going into investing proper.
  • Delay gratification
  • Learn the art of saving. These will help you in your investing
  • Keep learning, keep improving
  • Don’t depend on earn income alone, try and create another income stream (passive income to be precise-is an income that keeps coming after working for it ones).

It’s still okay to retire financially buoyant and these have to do with the decisions we take today and that will determine our actions, which determine our future.

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