The Emergence of Organisational Coaching



The concept of organisational coaching has been around since the 1930’s. The way it is implemented has changed immensely. Interest in this area has grown exponentially. How do we know that? All we have to do is compare Google Search Results

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Time Management Checklist For New Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have several balls in the air at a time. If you have just started up, you must be running against time to complete almost every task pertaining to your business.

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5 Quick Tips to Bless Your Life Through the Power of Forgiveness


#1 – Make it unnecessary

Where there is no offence taken, the need for forgiveness would not arise. So the foremost strategy for avoiding the stress of having to forgive is to make ourselves inaccessible to hurt.

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Work From Your Home Online – How Is It That People Make Money Working Online?

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When I began to look for ways to work at home, and learn about how to make money working online, many of my family were severely critical about what I was doing.

I believe this is because they do not understand how it is that people can use the internet to earn a living.

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Time to change and be yourself


In Congo, they have a popular proverb which says “wood may remain ten years in the water, but it will never become a crocodile”. We all have mentors, icons and wish to be like them. But sometimes fill a little bit intimidated reach the level of success they’ve attained, not to talk of going beyond.

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10 Things to Do Every Workday that gives you balance


Ever feel as if, you’re not doing enough everyday no matter what you have done? You keep on doing what takes your precious working time and at the end of the day, you notice doing little than expected. For instance, keeping in touch with coworkers or getting connected to old colleagues may take your productive time at your work.

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Tips For Women Entrepreneurs– An Encouragement

Women entrepreneurs

Women generally are in charge of every facet of life and often shy away from venturing into something new. Ifs and buts dodge their spirits. However, a fact that holds true is that all of us have a dream to own something of our own.

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5 ways to be successful in 2014


You probably have been counting your achievements and challenges of 2013 and equally pondering on how 2014 will be, especially if 2013 have been the most challenging year in your lifetime either in business, career, finance, relationships and so on.

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What a recruitment consultant do


A recruitment consultant is a person who hires people (clients) on behalf of the company or organization. However, the process involve, might be cumbersome and varied from one company to another.

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5 must have skills as a job recruiter


Most people never dream of becoming a job recruiter, but some have being involved by accident and have to go through the recruitment process. The good news is the job recruitment process is pretty easy and strength forward.

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Post retirement-the same circle repeating itself, avoid it

I want to talk about post retirement and what people are facing about life after retirement. Am somewhat brought up among people who work (they have a job) to earn a paycheck at the end of every month. Over the years, I have watched a lot of them work during their active years and retirement.

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