10 Tools that Will Dramatically Improve Productivity

 Improve Productivity

Being productive has a different meaning for virtually everyone, but it’s generally agreed upon that all people want to be as productive as possible. Higher productivity means better results.

One person may see productivity as getting the job and family that is the American Dream. For someone else, it might mean finishing a to-do list of chores and keeping a … Read more

Why every Business must integrate Mobile apps into their Marketing Strategy

mobile apps

Many businesses think that mobile apps are only for big businesses and that smaller businesses have neither resources, not capabilities to develop an app for business.

Tough this may have been a case in the past but in last few years, the tide is turning.

Today marketers have many choices on where and how to promote & advertise product and … Read more

Writing a business plan: the definitive guide

Writing a business plan

Do you want to create a roadmap for your business that will meet the business goal? Then you need a business plan. The plan will then project where and how your business will be in the next 3 to five years.

A business plan is an important part of creating new business, whether it’s a startup or an existing business. … Read more

SEO basics-6 ways to write SEO search engine optimization article

SEO search engine optimization article

Ever wonder why some articles are always making the top of the search engine ranking?

These bloggers employ the SEO search engine optimization articles strategy to achieve that.

I know you’ll want to achieve that too. But before then let’s look at the what SEO is.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This is when … Read more

Skyrocket Your Conversions with these 5 WordPress landing page builder plugins

WordPress landing page builder plugins

WordPress landing page builder plugins? What do they do? Why does your site need them? Questions needing a simple answer, right.

Wait a minute don’t be in a hurry, let’s start somewhere-hopefully, we’ll have all the answers.

But do you know that landing page makes it easy to convert visitors into subscribers?

According to reports, 48% of landing pages contain … Read more

Businesses you can start with 10, 000 naira in Nigeria

businesses you can start with 10, 000 naira

Are there businesses you can start with then thousand naira in Nigeria? What business can I do in Nigeria with ten thousand naira? There have been more answers to the question than answers. But if you read to the end of the article, you’ll have all the answers.

Well starting a business in Nigeria has never been easy considering what … Read more

7 free marketing ideas for small business

marketing ideas for small business

How would you like to know the free marketing ideas for small business, without spending a dime?

That would be pretty epic, right?

Well, this is entirely possible and in today’s article, am going to show you how you can do this.

Small businesses want to market their business but when they lack the money to do that or the … Read more

20+ Small business ideas for small towns

Small business ideas for small towns

What business does every small town need? Are there small business ideas for small towns?

The answer is yes and yes.

Several small town business opportunities that one can take advantage and profit from it. I know you’ll like the small business ideas that will stick.

Just give me your time as I show you some of the small business … Read more

30+ profitable manufacturing business with low investment

profitable manufacturing business with low investment

Are you looking for a small profitable manufacturing business with low investment? In developed countries and even emerging nations, small scale manufacturing businesses are considered as among the profitable startup for entrepreneurs.

The popular manufacturing industries include the paper, food processing, agrochemical industry, leather, construction, household products and automobile parts. The popularity is because they’re the most used product man … Read more

21 awesome small business ideas for MBA graduates

small business ideas for MBA graduates

Are you looking for the best business to start after MBA? Then you’re in the right place.

This article will seek to show the business after MBA that you can do.

It’s official you can now say it confidently, I am MBA graduate now what? The biggest challenge most MBA graduate face is securing a high paying job with a … Read more

Branding best practices: 6 steps to targeting the right audience

branding best practices

Think a brand is just for big business? Think again. Branding is important for business of all shapes and sizes.

Do you know why?

Proper branding can keep your business at the top of mind for current and potential customers. Therefore embracing these brand best practices will certainly make it possible.

Below we’ll show you the branding best practices that … Read more

The only 5 important entrepreneurship process stages that can boost your business, today

entrepreneurship process stages

Did you know that almost 90% of new business startups don’t survive beyond their first five years?

The failure rate is scarring, right?

Who want to go into business when the chances of winning are slim? Instead of dwelling on the negative?

Here is what you need to know about the 10% surviving startups.

Most of the 10% surviving business … Read more