Guidelines for registering a foundation/NGO in Nigeria


Are you thinking of starting a non-governmental organization or foundation and have been wondering how to go about it? Recently, a friend worked for the corporate affair commission to make an inquiry on the procedure to open a foundation.

They presented him with the four steps to follow in other to start an NGO.

4 reasons why people start a

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Ways to motivate yourself when things are tough

motivte yourself

Everyone needs to be inspired, whether that person is a man or woman, young or old, a professional or not. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over might make us loose interest in what we’re doing.

These explains why many organizations, public and private ministries, introduce some certain activity to spice up the working environment and to keep their … Read more

Business is like raising a child


I can’t imagine how young entrepreneur start a business and in the shortest possible time leave the business for another thing and expect the business to grow. That is not always the case especially for new businesses, because the vision of the business is with the entrepreneur that started it.

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Do it Yourself tips to goal setting


Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day. When translated into hours, that’s 2500-3300 thoughts per hour. What will the mind be thinking of? Many things. We think of:

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Top 100 Motivational Business Quotes that keeps you going


In business, there is good times and bad times. Most times, it’s the bad times that keeps us out of focus and the required concentration to move the business back to it’s winning ways. 

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28 Inspiring Innovation Quotes


1. “People who don’t take risks generally make about 2 big mistakes a year, people who do take risks generally make about 2 big mistakes a year” (Peter Drucker)

2. “If you don’t innovate, then you’ll be out of business tomorrow” (Bako Yila)

3. “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there will be no hope for it.” … Read more

Things employees should never say at work

don't speak

Robert Kiyosati the author of rich dad poor dad said words are tool and what you say will definitely become your reality. Words can be used to motivate or demotivate a person. Because we all have different mind and respond to what we listen differently.

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The power of the tongue-6 tips you need to know


The tongue might be one of the smallest parts of the body, but it’s actually one of the powerful one. Below are some powerful things the tongue can do.

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Tips for more productive day

productive day 2

After posting an article in my blog about The 20 years syndrome-good or bad? I decided to give you some tips about more productive days.

These tips will help you do what you have to do in other to have the success you need in the years to come.

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What You Need to Do About Problem Solving and Realizing Your Goals

Problem Solving and Realizing Your Goals

As a wise man once said, we all might as well face our problems, we can’t run fast or far enough to get away from them all. In this period of time, we face a perplexing array of international and national problems – – the Middle East situation, energy needs, natural disasters, and so on.

At the same time, we … Read more

7 Keys to Successful Planning and Goal-Setting

Successful Planning and Goal-Setting

I could go on about this for hours, but I’ve limited myself to 7 keys that I think make a big difference.

1. Think BIG! If your goal isn’t a challenge and doesn’t represent an important achievement for you, it’s unlikely that you’ll be motivated enough to sustain the effort required to complete it.

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