Why Nigerian graduates are jobless and what to do about it


It’s a usual routine in Nigeria, that after four, five or six years in higher institution of learning, you go for national youth service corps (NYSC)-the NYSC scheme that last for one year.

During this one year, so many NYSC pupils, also called Corpers are move to various locations to serve the nation in various capacities.… Read more

My wallet: What to carry and what not to


Do you have a wallet and use a wallet? I guess most of us do. For most of us, the wallet has become a part of us we cannot do without it.

Some use their wallet to carry some of their valuables like money, credit card, an identification card to mention, but few. But in as much as important, a … Read more

What You Must Not Do If You Want To Make Money Online Flipping expired Domain Name


Making money flipping expired domain name is one big way of the easy way of making tons of money online.

Flipping expired domain name is simply selling the expired domain name to people willing to buy.

In order to make money online flipping expired domain, there are some certain things you must avoid to record maximum success.… Read more

Things you should not do if you want to make money with google adsense


Even though making money online with google adsense is the most popular way to making money online, it’s important to adhere to some of google rules else you’ll be ban from using this easy way of earning online.… Read more

How to use private label rights materials


Private label rights materials are articles and or ebooks that you can purchase and have the rights to change the article and ebooks contents to suit your style and makes it unique.… Read more

Affiliate Marketing Strategies: 3 sure ways to promote affiliate product without a blog or website


Affiliate marketing is big business online. It entails promoting other peoples product or service for a commission.… Read more

Nuggets/food for thoughts of the day-you’re the role model

Leaving your mark on your children isn’t optional but compulsory. The seeds you sow today will continue to grow in them lifelong and in your grandchildren too. … Read more

Search Engine Optimization strategies: 3 Things to consider before exchanging links


Trading links with blogs and websites with similar niche has become one of the easiest ways to optimize your blog or websites to search engines.… Read more

Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 50,000 naira.

business nigeria

For sometimes in Nigeria, Nigerian youths have complained, complain and still complaining about how our leaders are not fair to the youth.

It’s true that things are not going as expected especially when you have graduated from the university or polytechnic and have finished your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

But dwelling on complain and pointing an accusing finger on … Read more

Create E-commerce website with Site Build it (SBI)-full review

e-commerce website with Site Build it

Want to create an e-commerce website and still, do not know any programming? don’t worry, as I will show you how to a e-commerce website with Site Build it

So without any making long grammar, let’s move into our review proper. This review is a component that enables anyone to a professional build a website.

“Here is the most comprehensive Read more

Nuggets| food for thoughts of the day

food for thought

A man who had been bitten by a rattle snake was rushed to the hospital. When he asked the doctor ‘is life threatening?” the doctor said the bite isn’t, but the poison is. The bites you suffer from at the hands of others are painful and up setting, but they’re lethal.… Read more