Top web hosting companies in Nigeria



I have had my fair share of disappointments hosting my website using a hosting company citadel in Nigeria. I wanted to draw a conclusion as we don’t have a reliable web hosting company in Nigeria.… Read more

Investment Tips for beginners


Investments in the correct places can be immensely profitable. This is a tried and tested statement with scores of people making enough amounts live a high standard of living. But, it is to realize that even though they have a very juicy side, the other face of the coin is equally rotten.

There are risks involved which are not seen … Read more

The 20 years syndrome-good or bad?


I was together with some friends’ gisting one cold Friday evening. Then a question was raised, ‘where do you see yourself in 20 years?

What a question from one of us. Most sitting there couldn’t answer it. Some said wait until 20 years then we can answer you.

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Things Every Young Person Should Know In This Day And Age


I have a lot to say, and I don’t really know where to begin. The age of adolescence is one you will remember forever. You will experience more than you can ever imagine in the next decade or so, both good and bad.

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Job Security Is A Thing Of The Past even in Nigeria


When I was growing up I stayed among people who work in the civil service. It was the primary way most of the people earn their money every month. I kept seeing them telling university graduates that working with the government provides you with job security and after retirement, you get pension on a monthly basis.

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Nuggets food for thoughts-the Blaming Game


Today our misfortunes are deemed to be somebody else’s fault. More and more, we are becoming a blamed oriented culture; ‘I’m this way because of them’, ‘they did it to me’ it goes on and on.

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How to Manage Your Time


These days, time seems not to be enough. Our lives are constantly joined to people at work, family and friends and even strangers.

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7 of the best money tips


Financial planning is easy when certain things are understood about money. Other aspect might require the services of a financial expert to understand.

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Quitting-the losers game

dont quit

A friend told me the story of two guys who travel to an island for an adventure. When these two friends arrive, they realize that the people in that place of adventure are without shoes. In other words, they work bear footed.

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Thinking for a change


Dr. John C Maxwell, in his book thinking for a change says the right thought, plus the right people, in the right environment, at the right time, for the right reasons always produces the right results.

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How to start screen printing business

screen printing

Starting a screen printing business can prove to be a lucrative action to take. The need for customized imprinted stickers, T-shirts, cups, handkerchief, leather and other items are in high demand by businesses, religious group, wedding planners, schools, nonprofit organizations, sports teams and many other industries.

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