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A man who had been bitten by a rattle snake was rushed to the hospital. When he asked the doctor ‘is life threatening?” the doctor said the bite isn’t, but the poison is. The bites you suffer from at the hands of others are painful and up setting, but they’re lethal.


What happens to you normally doesn’t destroy you, but what happens afterward wards can. Like venom, bitterness first poisons your mind, then your relationships. It causes you to repay the hurt until it controls you, stealing the great future you have planned, but doesn’t have to be that way, forgive, keep on forgiving until it no longer hurts or bothers you.

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Bitterness is cause by anger that allowed to take residence in your thoughts life. Solving the problem resolves and relieves your anger, but anger can become long-term bitterness if not checked.

When you fixate on “who did it to me” makes you hostile, critical, blaming and punitive. You say can I really stop my anger? Yes you can take control over your life and control your reactions and behaviors.

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