My wallet: What to carry and what not to


Do you have a wallet and use a wallet? I guess most of us do. For most of us, the wallet has become a part of us we cannot do without it.

Some use their wallet to carry some of their valuables like money, credit card, an identification card to mention, but few. But in as much as important, a wallet is, there are certain things you need to carry and not to.

Vital information

People routinely use their wallet to carry sensitive information like their pin number for a master card or ATM cards, email password. When you are one of them, it’s best you stop else you’re setting up yourself for a bigger problem you may regret later.

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Limit your cash

As much as possible, do not carry too much cash in your wallet. A $50 dollar cash should be ok. This will reduce the attention when you remove your wallet to buy things and should be able to buy the pack of gums. In terms of emergencies use your debit card.

Reduce the number of credit card

In the ideal form, a person supposed to have at least one master card. But if you’ve more master cards, it is important to use one within your wallet and keep the remaining ones in more secure safe.

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Always remove your receipts

Transactions are done on a daily basis and receipts will be generated as a result. It’s important to not put all this receipts in your wallet.

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