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for real

While watching a reality TV show, a family allowed the cameras into their sitting room, bed rooms, and everywhere they go. What they say and how they behave is been filmed and shown to the public.

In that particular one I was watching, they showed these family living in a luxury house, eating probably the best food money can buy, drive the latest and one of the expensive car and lots of other things that money can buy. The person sitting next to me just whispers to my ears these words “I wish I have a life like that”.

I laugh and never utter a word. But one thing that I ask myself was the reality show. Because it shows life is all about good house, better car, moving from one luxury to another.

But that is not reality. In reality, life operates in two ways, the good times and the bad times. In other words, there are times with challenges and time without challenges. There is no one that doesn’t experience these two situations in life, whether you’re rich or poor, irrespective of your skin color.

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Life is like a coin, that is pleasure and pain are the two side only one side is visible at a time, but remember the other side is waiting for its turn

In bad times a lot of people lose hope and don’t quite take it as a way to move on. Setbacks are a way of making you a better person.

You cannot appreciate food if you’re not hungry

– You can’t appreciate money until you don’t have it


– You can’t appreciate a mother until you lose her.

– You can’t appreciate friendship until you find mediocre.

– You can’t appreciate hard work until you see the result.

Accept all setbacks as a lesson to move for a greater height. When people say you can’t do it, the best revenge you can give to them is to proof them wrong by doing it. There is no success without failures. In fact success is story of failure.

Entrepreneurs, inventors, the artist where all at one point told they cannot do it, but they proof their critics wrong. They did what is expected, they sacrifice their time and thinking always for fresh ideas to make what they’re doing work and to stay ahead of competition.

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Moving forward in life requires you to fine the right people. Don’t waste your time building permanent structures with temporary friends, ultimately it might not stand.

Life is so real; don’t be fooled by the things you see on television. The realty TV show is always not real. In fact television is not real life..

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