Job Security Is A Thing Of The Past even in Nigeria


When I was growing up I stayed among people who work in the civil service. It was the primary way most of the people earn their money every month. I kept seeing them telling university graduates that working with the government provides you with job security and after retirement, you get pension on a monthly basis.

But in recent times things have happen in our world where we entered a financial crisis where lots of government and private businesses had to downsize their workers. When it was happening, people in Nigeria where saying it won’t come and to be candid, it has come. The whole issue turns out job security isn’t something someone can count on, nor should i.

The question still remains to be a big debate, ‘is there such a thing as a job security anymore?’ in my opinion; there have never been anything like that. Because having a job does not guarantee your security and the reason is not far fetch, you’re not the one that will decide on who still has the job. In other words, just because you have the job, does not mean you can be in the job the next minutes, hour or day. in fact, the most secure people are in jail, that is why it’s call a maximum security.

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What should be your goal?

There are two choices here. You can either choose security or freedom. Job security doesn’t reward you at the end the way you want it. You may work hard at your job and retired and they pay you peanuts as pension or work hard only to get fired or just enough that they don’t quit. They (the employer) utilize your time and energy to build them up and at the end; it’s you that will be at the receiving end and nothing to show, but experience.


But don’t get me wrong, there is a job security and this is achieved by creating an income on your own terms. You design a life that brings in income and have you in control of your time, rather than just have a job (job means Just Over Broke).

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What should I do then?

If what you have is a job, that is someone is paying you at the end of the month, then all you need do is to create another income source while you still can. Start creating your own income source on your own pace, on your own schedule and you’ll be building your own job security. You can create that for yourself and the people you love and care.

Just know that true job security is not found in your paid job, but from the income you start creating by yourself right now.

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