Idea-the new money

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Towards the closing stages of the 20th century, there was a shift from industrial age to information age and after the movement, and then come the World Wide Web which changes many things including laws of money.

Now the new money is idea. One single idea can make you millions of dollars. Case and point;


Google the most popular search engine in the world, who had an idea to change the way search engines works and created a search engine that rate pages based on their importance.

They created what is call page rank which stand out from any search engine. With upgrade, always from google the search engine giant is still maintaining it’s ground.

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Loading... was originally not the idea of the creator Jeff Bezos, but use the idea of waltmart and turn it into an online business in 1997.

So do you have an idea?

So people will say that most ideas are already turned into new money. But you don’t need a big new idea to work with, look for existing ideas and change it a bit to make it look unique and you’ll be swimming in new money.

Making your idea relevant

It’s not enough to just have idea, your idea might be good for now, but it doesn’t end there. You need to keep refining your idea to make it relevant in the market for long time to come.

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When Microsoft founder say they’ll continue to be underdogs, all he is saying is we’ll continue to improve, so that someone will not come and push us out of market.

Find your idea, find your money.

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