How to Win More Customers


The success of your business depends entirely on how much customers you win to your business. If you win sufficient customers they will provide the necessary revenue you need to run, maintain and grow the business. Therefore, knowing how to win more customers is very important to every entrepreneur. Winning more customers to your side will in involve a few of old but effective tricks.

  1. Know your customer (KYC)

Who are your customers? What do they really want from your company? In other to sell your product or service effectively, you just have to know your customers. Knowing them will greatly help you package your product or service in a way they like.

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You can know your customers better by simply asking some questions! You can ask questions like:

  • Who they are?
  • What they do?
  • Why they buy? In other words, what forms their buying decisions?
  • What they like or dislike about your product?
  • How you can improve your product or service?
  • Find out how your product or service can make their life better.
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Remember, it cost nothing at all to ask so ask your customers and people around.


After asking, next you have to translate the answers to define what your customers really want and provide it. Translating these answers to tangible product and service completes the circle.

  1. Develop a Unique sales proposition (USP)

A unique selling proposition makes you stand out from the crowd and tells your customer what is special about you or your product. Your USP should also tell your customer the advantages of buying from you and not your competitors. When a customer buys from you, what additional incentive do they have?

Your USP may change as the business strategy or market changes. For Coca Cola….’share a Coke with Peter’, or ‘open happiness’ are examples of USPs at different times. Coca Cola is a big and established business but for a small business owner who sells cement and gives free delivery to his clients; his USP could be ‘free and fast delivery’.

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Whatever the size of your business, you can get a USP that can affect your customer’s buying decision. Also note that because a USP works today does not mean it will continue to be effective, it’s important to continuously review and update your USP.

  1. What are your Competitors doing?

What are other businesses like yours doing differently? Chances are that your customers are buying products similar to yours from a competitor. Take time to find out what your competitors are doing differently. Also find out what they are not doing and start doing it in order to win more customers to your business. Use the information gathered to provide a better product and service to your clients.


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