How to win any job interview

jjGone are the days when they call you to work without even going through the stress of aptitude test and interview. During those years, you can choose the job you want or change from one to another. But nowadays, there are really little (if any) chance to do all that.

One major problem in the world is unemployment and more and more people are losing their job due to one reason or the other. With the high unemployment rate, it’s always a queue when one organization opens its doors for employment.

Due to a large number of people involve, the first thing they do is an aptitude test. This is to reduce the number of people who have applied for the job opening. These will then follow an interview.

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For many, the interview stage is there a waste nightmare. Because of the uncertainty of what the interviewer will ask and how to ask it. However, in my opinion, it’s the easiest and it’s all about the top five tips that will guide you all the way.

Know at least one skills

During an interview, most organization don’t want to know your grade, it’s already in your CV. What they want to know is whether you have other extra skills. The skill is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be desperate


I know you need that job, but when in front of the interviewer, don’t show them you’re desperate. Sometimes when they know you’re, they’ll push you the way they want eventually when you’re employed. Instead, convinced them that you have what they want to move the organization ahead.

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Dress in their colours

Try your best and dress according to the organization colours. It must not be 100%, but incorporate at least 15% of the company colour as part of the dress. Avoid dressing in rival organization colours. These may be sound like you’re an insider to the other organization.

Don’t forget to ask questions

Don’t forget to ask them your own question at the end of the day. These will make you more serious and really someone who like the organization.




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